In a society weighed down by conformity, be wild and free

Women are experiencing increased mental health and addiction issues at alarming rates. 

It’s no wonder, with the pressures of trying to do it all, take care of the kids, bring in an income, do all of the extra curriculars, maintain the home, have a great marriage, take care of your health, and maintain a social life, something’s gotta give. 

Unfortunately many women turn to numbing out through social media, tv, wine, cannabis, and pharmaceuticals, which further perpetuates the situation. 

What women really need is to slow down, tune into our values, embrace our inner power, lean on community, and cut out all of the shit that’s weighting us down. 

We don’t need all the things. 

We don’t need to check all of the boxes. 

We need to live in alignment with our essence, and through that become fucking obsessed with our family and the path we choose to walk. 

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Busy Mom’s Guide to Cycle Syncing

We’ve been trained to live in a world built for men including their 24 hour hormonal cycle, and it’s causing women to fight against our own natural rhythms. Learn how you can tune in, and make simple lifestyle adjustments so you can tap into the superpowers of each phase of your cycle and eliminate burnout for good.

Unapologetic Mom’s Club Podcast

We’re here to dig into the deep shit to help you feel empowered and give you the tools to break free from patriarchal standards and create a life you not only survive, but thrive in.
We’ll chat self care, women’s health, sex, relationships, plant medicine, personal development, and so much more so you can rock it in your unique mom life and beyond.

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Hey, I’m Jannine!

I’m a mom on a mission to help women all around the world embrace the spark inside themselves that’s often buried under the responsibilities of motherhood.

As I emerged from the trenches of early motherhood I started to reclaim my body and myself for me, and light up that spark as the multifaceted woman I am, not just the mom.

It’s been a wild journey full of tons of growth, and it’s led me to get certified, not just as a coach, but the holistic, tantric, women’s empowerment, witchy kind of coach that makes massive impact lighting the way for other badass moms to ignite their spark and create epic fucking lives.

Freebies Made With Love

Mandala Cycle Tracker

Get to know yourself better through a 3 minute a day cycle tracking practice. You may be suprised by what you learn!

Self Care Checklist

Get motivated to fill your cup with holistic health, everyday pleasure, and intentional self care practices so you can feel recharged and rock it at mom life.

Free Mom’s Canna Guide

The complete ins and outs of cannabis throughout different stages of motherhood, backed by a ton of research.

Bringing light into your day, every day.

“I have been dreaming about making my space here on the gram something next level, for like ever. Youuu are that level. Your voice + content speak to my freaking soullll, I feel like the words just string all my thoughts and feelings together in the best way! Thanks so much for being that light for others, and myself”


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