Today I’m here with Melissa, an amazing mom who knows all about the blended family! I talked with Melissa about navigating new relationships, creating a happy environment for her kids, and learning how to become and accept new parents becoming involved in her kids' lives. Our chat today was great, and Melissa really showed how to be the best parent you can, even with a unique situation. Also on today’s episode, we discuss what it means to be a blended family, and how it really is becoming a new norm for our society. I loved chatting with Melissa, and I hope you enjoy our convo!

Special Guest Melissa Thimot

Melissa is a real estate agent in Victoria BC, a bio mom of one, and a bonus mom of two. She has navigated the difficult situation of splitting up with the father of her child, and maintaining a relationship that creates a great environment for her son. She also talks about the different situations she has with her partner’s ex and her own, and tips for creating a healthy and happy blended family.

In This Episode We Talk About

0:20 - Melissa’s story. 4:03 - Both sides of a divorce - what does each side look like? 9:33 - How long did it take for you to become comfortable with your partner’s ex? 16:17 - How have you been able to mitigate the challenges with your ex? 22:40 - What you can and can’t control. 27:28 - Dealing with an ex who isn’t ready for a good relationship. 38:02 - The special relationship you have with your child. 46:04 - Remembering to be confident in your decisions.

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