Can you relate?

You know you need an emergency kit, but haven’t gotten around to actually making one yet.

Or maybe you’ve put one together, but you don’t actually have any plans in place should a disaster or evacuation order hit.

You see the headlines with fires, floods, tornados, and storms, and the thought of getting prepared for it seems too stressful and overwhelming and you’re starting to feel more and more guilty about not being prepared.

Natural disasters hit 1 in 10 American homes in 2021 and that number has increased nearly 2.5 times in just the last 5 years.

We can no longer afford to procrastinate when it comes to emergency disaster planning.

I get it!

Emergency disaster planning can feel really overwhelming. There’s already so much on your plate, how can you add planning and shopping and packing and preparing around all of the things you already do?

But, what if I told you there’s a way to prepare for the inevitable in an easy step-by-step way that actually allows this to be a fun process with your kids!

Stop thinking about it. Get prepared and feel confident protecting your loved ones and property in the instance a disaster strikes.

Go from this

😳 Stressed out about the impending doom of a natural disaster hitting.

😳 Feeling guilty about not having an emergency kit packed and ready to go.

😳 Feeling panicked not knowing what you would do should an evacuation order be put in place.

To this

😊 Feeling confident that you know what to do should a disaster strike.

😊 Knowing exactly what to pack in your emergency kit and how to easily stay on top of keeping it current.

😊 Having a plan and backup plan in place so you can get out while time is of the essence and keep your family safe.

Are you ready to get on top of your shit and finally get an emergency disaster plan in place?

Learn from Former U.S. Army Infantry Senior Drill Sergeant and Urban Disaster Planning Expert, Daniel Kilburn, how to prepare for a natural disaster and keep your family safe.

Introducing, The Family Urban Disaster Planning Workshop

The four primary needs all families face regardless of the disaster, and how you can easily prepare and respond to protect your loved ones.

Mr. Kilburn is easily an effective instructor!! His educational videos grabbed my attention immediately. Not just because he brings very relevant information, but also he uses a familiar language with enthusiasm. As a Florida resident, I feel personally relatable to the topic. Hurricane Seasons.

Hope for the best and prepared for the worst.” Excellent videos!!”

–  Ivana J. Clearwater, FL

Perfect for you if

This workshop is perfect for you if

  • You have no idea how you would handle a natural disaster
  • You live in high risk areas for wild fires, floods or other natural disasters
  • You want to learn how to operate under pressure, protect yourself and your loved ones, and create a plan of action.

Our mission is to remove your uncertainty so you know what to do and when to do it so you can protect your family and loved ones from disasters and emergencies unique to your geographical location.

Meet Daniel

Daniel Kilburn is a highly experienced consultant, leader, author, and coach. He has firsthand knowledge of what can happen during a natural disaster, which gives him the unique ability to provide the best solutions possible.

His goals include identifying needs, defining objectives, coordinating resources, and conceptualizing solutions. In addition, Daniel brings expertise in the All-Hazards Disaster Planning approach, acceptable risk aversion, and leadership development.

Daniel’s passion for disaster management can be traced back to the Loma Prieta earthquake in 1989, after which he spent significant time working on disaster management education and instructional design. As a consultant, he specializes in the All-Hazards Disaster Planning approach and acceptable risk aversion.

After earning his Master of Business Administration while in the U.S. Army, Daniel explores his passion for helping families at risk.

He has spent the last 30 years of continuing education learning everything he can about disaster management planning. He currently applies this knowledge in his role as the Founder of Emergency Action Planning. He accepts responsibility for educating at-risk families on preparing themselves and their loved ones for the disasters and emergencies that will come crashing onto their lives.

“The workshops presented by Unapologetic Motherhood are on thought-provoking topics that are incredibly impactful to my life. There are a wide range of experts speaking on different subjects, subjects that I didn’t know existed and would not have sought out on my own, but very much appreciating the newly acquired knowledge.

They are presented in a professional manner with great engagement from Jannine, the facilitator, and the rest of the group. I loved receiving a pdf workbook prior to the workshop commencing and there where question periods throughout the workshops. I left feeling full of information, better yet, as a monthly member to UM Club, I have the privileged to attend the workshop within the club.”


After our workshop you’ll have a foundation for reliably responding to natural, manmade, and financial disasters.

Drop the overwhelm and feel confident and prepared.

The Family Urban Disaster Planning Workshop

Tuesday, July 19th & Tuesday, July 26th
at 5:00 pm PST, 8:00 pm EST

This two day workshop is scheduled for 1.5 hours per day with time allotted for questions and answers.
You will develop a plan of action that will protect your family and loved ones from disasters and emergencies unique to your geographical location.

Day One

  • Information Gathering
  • The Family Conversation
  • Home Hazard Hunt and Fire Safety Planning
  • Shelter and alternatives
  • Evacuation
  • Q&A

Day Two

  • Food and Hydration – How much is enough, and how to store it
  • Bug-out-Bag (BoB), Go Bag
  • Sanitation, Poo, and Pee in the right place
  • Call To Action
  • Q&A


  • Home Hazard Hunt Checklist
  • Home Fire Safety Checklists
  • Fire Escape Plan
  • Grocery List Checklist
  • Hardware Store Shoping List
  • Important Documents Checklist
  • Bug Out Bag Checklist (Emergency Kit)
  • Car Emergency Kit Checklist
  • Vehicle Inspection Checklist
  • How to Have Age-Appropriate Disaster Planning Conversations Workbook

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The workshop will be presented over Zoom. If you’re unable to attend live, the recording will be available to watch without any special apps

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