Today we are talking with author, parent coach, and child life specialist Michelle McVittie! Michelle is not only the author of I Quit! Oh wait, I'm the Mom: A practical guide to finding your joy again and parent coach, but also a specialist in dealing with pediatric medical and mental health. She provides support to parents who are in a state of overwhelm by giving crucial support and advice whether it's helping  with teen behaviour, strong willed children, parenting kids with adhd, or going through hard transitions with health and life.

Our discussion today is a heavy one, but full of very important information that we think every parent should know more about. Grief is something that all parents will have to explain to their children at some point in time, and Michelle gives us some excellent ways of being open and having that conversation. With all that being said you're not going to want to miss this episode!

Guest Expert Michelle McVittie

Michelle McVittie is a child life specialist, parent coach, and author. Her first book "I Quit! Oh Wait I'm the Mom" is a self-help book full of practical tips to find your joy again. In her twenty-year career, Michelle has worked with thousands of families children. She is the parenting expert for CHCH morning live and had her own parenting show on Cable 14. She has worked in daycares as a behaviour specialist, with young offenders, in pediatric medical and mental health, and now her own business. She specializes in strong willed children, ADHD, and anxiety.

In This Episode We Talk About

3:46 - Starting the conversation about death with your children.
6:14 - What is the process? How do you have these conversations?
15:40 - Tips on how to help children grieve, and how to grieve yourself.
19:55 - What are your thoughts on maintaining a routine?
24:07 - how to talk about grief with various ages of children - from early childhood to teens.
37:19 - Legacy building.
41:44 - Resources for families dealing with grief.

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