What happens in the club stays in the club.

We talk about VERY personal shit here, and as such we MUST respect everyone’s privacy. Any personal details, mentioning names, family situations, etc, cannot be shared with anyone outside of the club. Discussions and ideas are fine, but nothing that can lead to the personal identification of someone.

For example, it’s ok to discuss a conversation around cannabis and breastfeeding, it is not ok to say a particular person used cannabis while breastfeeding. It’s ok to discuss the struggles some face with co-parenting, it is not ok to say a particular person is having issues with their baby daddy. Keep your lips tight so we can all have this safe space to let it all out. 

Be kind and respectful.

This is a safe space to discuss sensitive topics and we need to be able to do so without fear of shaming or judgment. It’s ok to disagree, healthy debate is natural, but you must remain kind and respectful. Just to note, we’re a sweary group. Swearing in itself is not an act of aggression, but calling someone a fucking bitch is. Know the difference and don’t be a dick. 

No spam.

This is an encouraging, supportive group. If you’re super proud of something you’re working on you can share it, BUT this is not a place to advertise. Don’t make it spammy and gross or the posts will be taken down and you may receive a suspension or ban from the group. 

No hate speech or bullying.

This goes with being kind and respectful. Degrading comments about things like appearance, race, religion, culture, sexual orientation, gender or identity will not be tolerated. Again, don’t be a dick. 

No cold messaging.

No direct messaging community members unless they explicitly ask you to do so first. It’s scummy, gross, and terrible business practices. Just don’t do it!


Failure to comply with these rules will result in either a 1 week suspension from the group, or termination from the group. 

We must report abusive behavior.

Disclosure of anything that constitutes child, animal, or elder abuse puts the Unapologetic Motherhood Team in the position to be legally obligated to report you to your local authorities. Everyone is expected to be a responsible parent capable of making their own informed choices. If it’s clear that that is not the case and you openly discuss abuse we will have to report it so don’t be an idiot.