My purpose is to lead the way for women just like you, to ignite your inner spark and create an extraordinary life. 

Through a unique holistic approach grounded in the science of neurobiology and attachment therapy, with the ancient wisdom of Tantra and Tao, I offer my clients a transformative experience. I specialize in women’s empowerment, holistic practices, and infuse a touch of witchy wisdom to amplify the journey.

Within my library of meditations and practices, you will find a wealth of resources to support you…

in grounding, cultivating self-love, quantum manifesting, and embodying your feminine essence. These tools will serve as guides as you navigate the path towards your dreams, providing you with inspiration, guidance, and deep transformation.

For a more personalized and transformative experience, I offer 1:1 sessions where we can dive into the depths of your resistance and blocks on a somatic level. Together, we will navigate the intricate layers of your being, unraveling the barriers that hold you back and creating lasting shifts. Through this deep and personal work, you will unlock the true potential within you, paving the way for profound manifestation and transformation.

Remember, you are capable of creating a life you love.

Embrace the power of daily embodiment, the support of guided practices, and the personalized guidance of 1:1 sessions. Together, we will embark on a journey of self-discovery, healing, and manifestation, as you step into the radiant and authentic version of yourself. I am here, always, to walk alongside you and support you in realizing your dreams.


“The morning of my session with Jannine I seriously questioned showing up because I had just gotten really upsetting information from a friend and I didn’t want to do anything but I willed myself to get on the call and I’m so glad I did! She held such a beautiful space for me to feel and share. She took the time to let me get to what I actually desired without rushing me through. The shift from getting on the call to the end of the call was VERY obvious. I felt nourished, had more energy and I felt soooo much better! And I was clear that my next steps to help solidify everything were to snuggle myself and then play with my kids. Thank you Jannine! You are incredible and I am so grateful I didn’t cancel!”

– Amber K.

“I have been working with Jannine for the past few months now and wow! It has been a truly incredible journey, I have received so much beyond what I could have comprehended. I have healed deep wounds that have been buried for years, Jannine holds such beautiful space where I feel safe to go within and meet the parts of me that are hurting and guarded, bringing all parts of me home so I can embrace the life I truly desire. It has been such a powerful journey, each session is so unique, and I feel so deeply supported, held, and seen. Thank you so much, I’m loving this journey together. One of my biggest takeaways from working together is releasing the scarcity mindset and being able to fully trust in myself and in my process of creating the life and business I desire. I am feeling more and more safe to be fully, authentically myself. Highly recommend working with Jannine.”

– Monique C.

“Jannine is divine to work with. She has sucha beautiful, gentle energy, and she made me feel safe to go deep. Her intuition is spot on, and she made connections that helped me heal in ways I didn’t even realize I needed. Her methods are effective and supportive. She is clearly dedicated to helping her clients reach their transformation goals, and I’m so grateful to have had the opportunity to work with her. Highly recommend!”

– Faith B.

“Jannine created a beautiful safe space that allowed me to work through some resistance I was feeling around embracing my sensuality. I appreciated her grounding, and thoughtful space holding while I worked through these vulnerable pieces. I left our session feeling the flow and lightness I desired, and have actionable steps to support me in my personal journey.”

– Ayda A.

“This Honey Pot visualization via guided meditation was so enriching and relaxing that I was able to really sink into time with myself and let go of my thoughts and to-do lists. I felt relaxed and supported in exploring my values and desires in a safe and creative way. The image of honey was so visceral and luxurious that I really enjoyed connecting with my body and womb space in such a deep and curious way. This is a must-listen if you need to slow down but don’t have tons of time to switch gears, Jannines guidance really helps you drop out from being busy to feeling present.”

– Bri Aberdeen, busy mama and doula

“Jannine’s Honey Pot Meditation was like no guided meditation I have done before. I thoroughly enjoyed connecting with my divine feminine and bringing a conscious awareness to how amazing my body and being female is. If you are trying to reconnect with your divine feminine – I highly recommend this medication.”

– Lora D

“I felt really disconnected to my body after my second child. I was feeling very ‘functional’ rather than ‘sexual’. Before Motherhood, I was more confident and enjoyed sex, however in the midst of those young childhood years, I totally lost myself in Motherhood. After the haze of the young years, I finally was ready to re-focus on me. But I had no idea how to get my groove back. Jannine has a loving, non-judgemental and totally relatable way of helping you reconnect with your sexuality and feminine power after Motherhood. Her meditations and journal prompts are such a unique process to go through. I loved how focused they’ve been on loving and accepting my sexuality and femininity. Thank you Jannine.”

– Another Mom Finding her Power (L.M.)