Unleash your inner power with these potent meditations and guided practices.


“That was absolutely amazing. I feel good. Feeling my body getting heavier and relaxed, sinking into my bed. I love syour voice. So soothing. 

Your words were easy to follow. The imagery was beautiful. Near the end when you said “make decisions as her” I felt tears rolling down my face. I asked myself questions that are weighing on me. I am indecisive on two things.

I thank you and am grateful.”

– Leanne Gebicki – Quantum Manifestation Meditation

“Hey Jannine. So I just did your meditation and freaking loved it! It was awesome! 

I’m not going to lie the honey visualization took me for a surprise – but a totally good surprise – in all the best ways!”

  • B.C.

“This Honey Pot visualization via guided meditation was so enriching and relaxing that I was able to really sink into time with myself and let go of my thoughts and to-do lists. I felt relaxed and supported in exploring my values and desires in a safe and creative way. The image of honey was so visceral and luxurious that I really enjoyed connecting with my body and womb space in such a deep and curious way. This is a must-listen if you need to slow down but don’t have tons of time to switch gears, Jannines guidance really helps you drop out from being busy to feeling present.”

– Bri Aberdeen, busy mama and doula

“Jannine’s Honey Pot Meditation was like no guided meditation I have done before. I thoroughly enjoyed connecting with my divine feminine and bringing a conscious awareness to how amazing my body and being female is. If you are trying to reconnect with your divine feminine – I highly recommend this medication.”

– Lora D

“I felt really disconnected to my body after my second child. I was feeling very ‘functional’ rather than ‘sexual’. Before Motherhood, I was more confident and enjoyed sex, however in the midst of those young childhood years, I totally lost myself in Motherhood. After the haze of the young years, I finally was ready to re-focus on me. But I had no idea how to get my groove back. Jannine has a loving, non-judgemental and totally relatable way of helping you reconnect with your sexuality and feminine power after Motherhood. Her meditations and journal prompts are such a unique process to go through. I loved how focused they’ve been on loving and accepting my sexuality and femininity. Thank you Jannine.”

– Another Mom Finding her Power (L.M.)