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Hear from some of our UM Club Members

“The Hormone Workshop with Laura Martire hosted by UM Club, was exactly what I needed at the exact time I needed it. I learned things about myself as a woman, specifically postpartum, and why I haven’t been feeling like myself for so long. She gave us tools on how to advocate for ourselves as women and especially as mothers. Knowing a little bit more about my own body and how my hormones have a deep impact on my everyday function, has given me so much hope… Hope that things will change with my mood, my energy, and my overall health.

Immediately following the workshop, I ran out and got what I needed to catapult my quest for better hormone health. It’s only been a couple weeks since the workshop, and I gotta say, life is really turning around thanks to both Laura and Jannine! My husband and kids even see a difference in me! Thanks ladies!”

– Deb Balino

“The workshops presented by Unapologetic Motherhood are on thought-provoking topics that are incredibly impactful to my life. There are a wide range of experts speaking on different subjects, subjects I didn’t know existed and wouldn’t have sought out on my own, but very much appreciating the newly acquired knowledge.

They are presented in a professional manner with great engagement from Jannine, the facilitator, and the rest of the group. I loved receiving a pdf workbook prior to the workshop commencing and there where question periods throughout the workshops. I left feeling full of practical information, and better yet, as a monthly member to UM Club, I have the privileged to attend the workshop for free within the club!

I highly recommend attending any of the workshops Unapologetic Motherhood hosts and subscribing to UM Club!”

– Deb Eraut

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