Motherhood hit me like a ton of bricks after having my first. I was so excited to become a mom and start a family, but was not prepared for how quickly you can completely lose yourself while stepping into your new role as a mom and having absolutely no idea what you’re doing.

Most of what I saw on social media was a picture perfect view of motherhood that didn’t relate to my journey at all. While I saw perfectly staged full makeup selfies with kids, I was completely lost in my new role as a mom with a colicky mama’s boy stuck to my hip. Add in no sleep for a year I was losing my mind and felt so isolated with the resentment and anxiety I was feeling.

I set out to create the community I was missing. One where we shared the real shit, and although we have differing opinions we still support and respect each other. One where we can gain access to information and not be judged for being interested in a particular topic. One where we can let our true selves show and make true connections.

Here at the Unapologetic Motherhood community you have access to monthly content on topics like cannabis, sex, finances, women’s health, relationships, and so much more. To connect a little more you can join the conversation on Instagram where you’ll find Mom Truth Mondays and Poll Thursdays in stories, and a whole lot of inspiration and empowerment in our content. Ready to really level up your village? Join the Unapologetic Mom Club to connect with other moms just like you and gain access to weekly JUICY interviews and content.

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