Jannine MacKinnon

Confidence and Sexual Empowerment Coach

Unapologetic Practices

A collection of meditations, breathwork, and pleasure practices to support you in your journey of unapologetic authenticity, empowered sexuality, and effortless manifestation. 

Nourish Through Pleasure

Upgrade your self care routine with this self guided program including six meditations, breathwork, and pleasure practices.

“It’s been such a pleasure getting to work through my healing journey with Jannine. Her presence is really calming. Healing can be such a hard journey, and I have always felt safe enough to show up being myself and ready to explore what she has set for our sessions.

This isn’t like normal therapy either, it’s really about getting you involved and breaking through your trauma and out to the other side. It’s truly helped me bring such a transformation in my life and break down walls I have struggled with for so long.”

– Taylor A.

“Jannine is divine to work with. She has such a beautiful, gentle energy, and she made me feel safe to go deep. Her intuition is spot on, and she made connections that helped me heal in ways I didn’t even realize I needed.

Her methods are effective and supportive. She is clearly dedicated to helping her clients reach their transformation goals, and I’m so grateful to have had the opportunity to work with her. Highly recommend!”

– Faith B.


Awaken your sexuality and expand your pleasure capacity with this 6 week 1:1 coaching container. 

1:1 Coaching

For women ready to: 

– Feel grounded in their confidence.
– Soften into their feminine energy.
– Connect with their body and inner power.
– Ignite their sexuality.
– Feel fully alive again. 

If you’re feeling called to work with me, but feel unsure, let’s connect and talk it through. 

Honey Pot Meditation

The free Honey Pot Meditation is a potent AF 12 minute visualization to support you in connecting with your sexuality and rewiring your subconscious with the confident radiant energy you’d love to embody.

“I had the pleasure of receiving ten coaching sessions with Jannine. Throughout my journey with her, I felt like she was a spirit guide to me in holding space for me. I desired to be in a sacred union relationship with the balance of the divine feminine and divine masculine. While I haven’t achieved my desire yet. Jannine opened a new portal for me to help me believe that achieving a sacred union in this lifetime is possible.

Before my first session, I felt very disempowered with a lack of belief in my ability to achieve my desire. When I showed up to my sessions, she collaborated with me from a trauma-informed perspective. Coming from a background of sexual trauma, I was amazed by how safe and loved I felt with her in the sessions. My nervous system told me “You are safe here. It is safe for you to receive healing”. I genuinely felt that deeply in my spirit and every cell of my body.

Jannine has the gift of bringing in healing from a space of love, which is exactly what I needed in my journey. When she helped me open my heart to love, I felt safe enough to open up and become vulnerable during meditations, exercises, and practices that were assigned to me. I am truly inspired by her innate ability to help me transcend and transform my perception of love, sex, and relationships.

Jannine has remarkable magical abilities that come from a compassionate and nurturing place. I hope that other women like myself can also receive her magic and divine feminine energy. Thank you for all your support and love, Jannine”

– Lovlina

“Working with Jannine has been transformational.  The tools she uses to help you reconnect with your divine feminine are so unique and really pull you out of your head and into your body (something I really struggled with after becoming a Mom).

She gently encourages you to move through the stuff that is holding you back and really embrace the power of your sexual energy force. Working with her has not only helped me reconnect with myself, but it has also made me a more present Mother, a more connected wife and confident individual. I highly recommend working with her – it is transformative! ”

– Lora D.

“I have been working with Jannine for the past few months now and wow! It has been a truly incredible journey, I have received so much beyond what I could have comprehended. I have healed deep wounds that have been buried for years, Jannine holds such beautiful space where I feel safe to go within and meet the parts of me that are hurting and guarded, bringing all parts of me home so I can embrace the life I truly desire.

It has been such a powerful journey, each session is so unique, and I feel so deeply supported, held, and seen. Thank you so much, I’m loving this journey together. One of my biggest takeaways from working together is releasing the scarcity mindset and being able to fully trust in myself and in my process of creating the life and business I desire. I am feeling more and more safe to be fully, authentically myself. Highly recommend working with Jannine.”

– Monique C.

“The morning of my session with Jannine I seriously questioned showing up because I had just gotten really upsetting information from a friend and I didn’t want to do anything but I willed myself to get on the call and I’m so glad I did! She held such a beautiful space for me to feel and share. She took the time to let me get to what I actually desired without rushing me through.

The shift from getting on the call to the end of the call was VERY obvious. I felt nourished, had more energy and I felt soooo much better! And I was clear that my next steps to help solidify everything were to snuggle myself and then play with my kids. Thank you Jannine! You are incredible and I am so grateful I didn’t cancel!”

– Amber K.