Today I’m defying aging myths about women’s sexuality to shift your perspective and show you what’s possible! All too often I hear of women losing their libido as they get older and brushing it off as a normal part of aging. Although that’s super common, it doesn’t mean it’s “normal”. In fact, especially in long term conscious relationships, the opposite can be your normal. You can experience a luscious sex drive with ever expanding sexual experiences, not only in your 40’s and 50’s, but also in your 60’s, 70’s and beyond! I’ve seen it first hand through the peers in my VITA Coaching Certification and know how possible this truly is!

I invite you to tune in while we discuss the importance of self acceptance, sexual exploration, and the connection that comes with long term partnerships, and get turned on while I encourage you to incorporate pleasure practices as a way to connect with yourself, boost your libido, and increase your overall well-being.

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Tune Into The Episode

Embracing Your Inner Power: Defying Aging Myths About Women’s Sexuality

  • Addressing the misconception of declining sex drive
  • Embracing inner power and connecting with the wisdom of the body
  • The possibility of a better sex life with age
  • Acceptance and exploration of sexuality
  • The importance of long-term partnerships and communication
  • Incorporating pleasure practices into daily life
  • Boosting libido and overall well-being through pleasure practices

Show Notes

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