Unapologetic Motherhood and Laura Martire Holistic Wellness presents

Healthy Hormones Workshop

Feel empowered to take charge of your hormone health!

Transform the way you feel by implementing simple strategies.

Do you feel like you have a hormonal imbalance and are struggling with symptoms, googling your way through, and aren’t sure where, to begin with feeling better?

Do you lack confidence in knowing what foods and lifestyle habits you need to implement to meet your health goals?

Are you struggling with PMS, low energy, mood swings, low libido, stubborn weight, and other signs of a hormonal imbalance?

You don’t have to settle for feeling this way.

You deserve to be the most confident, vibrant, and fulfilled version of you – and that starts with how you nourish yourself.

Gain a deeper understanding of how your hormones impact your well-being and how to support them best so you can feel empowered to take charge of your hormone health.

Easily implement lifestyle changes by following simple steps to help balance your hormones naturally.

Feel confident supporting your hormones with key foods and herbs readily available at the grocery store.

Know how to nourish your body so you can feel good again!

“I’m feeling so much better! Laura is a thoughtful and knowledgeable R.H.N. She listens and provides realistic solutions and goals. She is always ready to answer any questions I might have and her RESET program helped tremendously with my adrenal and hormone issues as well as my overall well-being.”


Drop the fatigue and guessing games, and empower yourself with the knowledge you need to take control of your hormone health.

Learn how to work with your body and redefine your energy, mood, and libido.

Feel confident creating change with small, easy, actionable steps. 

When your hormones are imbalanced, it can feel like everything is uncomfortable.

In this workshop, we will cover the ins and outs of hormone health so you can take charge of your health again and feel your absolute best. We will cover the main hormones that impact our wellbeing, common contributors to hormonal imbalances, signs your hormones are out of balance, and some simple steps to implement right away to get you feeling vibrant again.

Stop feeling run down, and take back control.

Healthy Hormones Workshop

  • 1.5 Hour online workshop
  • 7 – Day Healthy Hormones Meal Plan
  • Healthy Hormones Guidebook which includes:
    • Information and tips around common hormone stressors
    • 6 Steps to take to support hormonal balance
    • Top foods and herbs for hormone balance

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Hear from more of Laura’s clients

“I love how Laura is so patient and helped me slowly retrain my thinking about food and always made me feel like I could achieve my goals…even when there was much work to do healing my body before I could even start working towards them. I needed my hand held and she did a wonderful job supporting me every step of the way.”


“For the first time I don’t feel like I’m on another diet! I’m so grateful for all of Laura’s advice and help. She has given me the tools that I need to continue this way of eating. It’s not another diet it’s my new way of eating! Her approach is amazing and very easy to sustain. I feel great and I’m so happy I made the decision to work with Laura.”



Laura Martire is a registered holistic nutritionist and the founder of Laura Martire Holistic Wellness.  Through her own journey to wellness, she has come to understand the importance of providing our bodies with the right nutrients to help our body and mind feel great. She specializes in helping women balance their hormones, lose weight (without resorting to deprivation and fad diets)  and make health a habit.


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