Did you know your sexual energy can be a powerful tool for self-nourishment? In this podcast episode, Jannine MacKinnon delves deep into the concept of using pleasure practices to intentionally nourish your entire body, one of her all time favourite ways to nourish your body through sexual energy! While many self-care practices remain surface-level, Jannine explores how diving into intentional pleasure can ignite your sexual energy in profound ways, revitalizing your inner self.

Often, traditional self-care can feel like a temporary fix—something enjoyable momentarily, but it fails to offer lasting nourishment. Janine acknowledges the value of these practices while highlighting the need to go deeper, beyond the surface. She introduces the idea of regular pleasure practices as a means to harness sexual energy for inner nourishment.

Join Janine as she discusses the link between sexual energy and life force, emphasizing its potential to revitalize and rejuvenate. Through pleasure practices, the body releases happy hormones like oxytocin, dopamine, and serotonin, promoting overall well-being.

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Nourishing Your Body Through Sexual Energy: A Tantric Approach to Self-Care

  • Sexual Energy as Nourishment:
    • Exploring how sexual energy can be utilized for internal nourishment.
  • Beyond Surface-Level Self-Care:
    • Delving deeper than typical, surface-level self-care practices.
  • Regular Pleasure Practice:
    • Establishing a consistent practice for internal nourishment.
  • Understanding Sexual Energy:
    • Recognizing sexual energy as life force energy.
  • Techniques for Intentional Use:
    • Channeling and using sexual energy intentionally for revitalization.
  • Benefits of Pleasure Practices:
    • Exploring the benefits on hormonal release and mindfulness.
  • Balancing the Nervous System:
    • Using pleasure practices to balance the nervous system.

A pivotal aspect of pleasure practices lies in their ability to enhance mindfulness and presence. Janine shares insights on how being fully present during moments of pleasure intensifies the experience, allowing the body to absorb and circulate this energy throughout.

One transformative practice Janine introduces involves channeling peak pleasure energy to nourish bones, blood, and cells. She emphasizes the importance of breathing intention into this energy, allowing it to revitalize your body from within. By channeling sexual energy consciously, a balance is achieved within the nervous system, shifting away from stressed or depleted states towards a harmonious equilibrium.

The podcast episode touches upon the essence of pleasure practices beyond achieving a climax. It encourages individuals to disconnect pleasure from a specific end goal, fostering a deeper appreciation for the journey itself.

Janine extends an invitation to her upcoming free event, *Revitalize Mom: Nourishing Through Pleasure*. This event promises a holistic approach to reconnecting with your body and sexuality, offering tools like inner child healing, breathwork, and pleasure practices.

By embracing the principles of tantric practices and consciously working with sexual energy, one can unlock a revitalized, energetic, and empowered self. Janine encourages exploration and invites listeners to embark on this journey toward a more connected, revitalized version of themselves.

For further insights and details on Janine’s upcoming event, *Revitalize Mom: Nourishing Through Pleasure*, find the link in the show notes and take that first step towards embracing your inner power and vitality.

Feel free to share your thoughts or insights with Janine on Instagram @janinne.mackinnon. Your journey towards revitalization begins here.