Welcome, beautiful souls! Today, let’s delve into one of my favourite embodiment and manifestation practices, the devotional act of getting ready every morning. Amongst perfect morning routines, the piece of actually getting dressed is so often overlooked, yet it’s pivotal in aligning how you feel throughout the day with your higher self. It’s through this act of self love, we’re able to put on an armour of confidence through our clothes, and begin to think like her, act like her, and make decision as her. Aligning us more and more with our manifestations.

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Embodied Manifestation: Dressing for Your Higher Self

  • The Morning Rush Habit
  • Setting Morning Intentions
  • Manifestation through Dressing
  • Prioritizing Yourself
  • The Power of Embodiment

The Morning Rush Habit

Do you find yourself caught in the habitual morning rush, tossing on whatever’s convenient, neglecting the intentional self-care you truly deserve? Let’s reflect on the signals these habits send to ourselves – do they scream, “I matter, I’m a priority”? Probably not. It’s time for a shift.

Setting Morning Intentions

Your morning routine sets the tone for the day. By waking up a bit earlier, you create space for self-care. Imagine sipping your coffee slowly, relishing its flavor – a non-sexual pleasure practice to kickstart your day with intention and calmness.

Manifestation through Dressing

Now, let’s discuss the core topic – manifesting through how you dress. Bring to mind your higher self, the version of you evolving toward your goals. How does she dress? What accessories does she choose? Embodying her in your wardrobe choices elevates your frequency and influences decision-making.

Prioritizing Yourself

Dress as an act of self-love and devotion, regardless of the day’s activities. Even if you’re not leaving the house or facing unexpected challenges (like cleaning up dog throw-up – we’ve all been there!), embrace this practice for yourself.

The Power of Embodiment

Dressing in alignment with your higher self acts as a confidence-boosting suit of armor. It elevates your vibe, bringing your frequency to a level where manifestation aligns effortlessly. It’s a foundational step towards becoming the empowered, multi-faceted woman you’re manifesting.

As you embrace this practice, share your thoughts with me. Join our free community, the Unapologetic Women Community on our Circle hub, and let’s continue this conversation. If you’re intrigued and want to explore more about embodying your feminine sexual life force energy, upgrading your self-care game, check out Nourish Through Pleasure.

Thank you for tuning in, and remember – you have the power to manifest a reality that aligns with your higher self. Until next week, take care!