Laura Tynan, a trailblazer in the realm of financial empowerment, delves into the mystical intersection of spirituality and finances, sharing her journey and dedication to empowering women in their financial independence.

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Wealthy Witch: Embracing Financial Empowerment with Laura Tynan

  • Unveiling Financial Independence and Spiritual Fusion
  • Navigating Gender Equality and Life Shifts
  • Financial Independence and Its Empowering Essence
  • Unearthing Financial Inequality and Historical Barriers
  • Empowering Women through Financial Education
  • Advocacy for Financial Education and Women’s Empowerment
  • Shaping Wealth-Building Strategies
  • Intertwining Money Management with Energetics
  • Navigating Finances in Relationships
  • Transparency and Financial Power

Meet Laura Tynan

Laura is the founder of The Witch of Wall Street, an online financial education company for women that mixes wealth and woo principles.

Laura holds a bsc in Finance, is a Chartered Accountant and has been recognised by the Financial Times as a Top 20 Future Female Leader and by Yahoo! Finance as a Global Champion of Women in Business and has been featured in global media including Grazia and Microsoft for Start-Ups.

She is also an international award-winning speaker and has shared her message on stages across Europe, including at Forbes under 30. She also hosts The Witch of Wall Street Podcast where she shares simple strategies for wealth creation through an investing and manifesting approach.

Laura spent the past decade building a successful career in finance, working with global advisory firms, supporting C-Suite clients on multi-million-dollar deals, and holding Board positions of companies going through a financial turnaround.