We’ve been trained to live in a world built for men including their 24 hour hormonal cycle, and it’s causing women to fight against our own natural rhythms.

Break free from the patriarchal hamster wheel of exhaustion by living aligned to a female 28 day hormonal cycle.

⭐️ Harness the superpowers of your menstrual cycle and mitigate its challenges so that you experience more ease and flow in your family life.

⭐️ Understand how the menstrual cycle can be the key to reclaiming your energy and avoiding burnout as a busy parent.

⭐️ Deeply understand your fluctuating needs and desires through a quick and simple daily practice that fits into your existing routine.

⭐️ Accurately predict when your period is arriving and simple tips for making this a restful, replenishing time.

⭐️ Use your built-in creative process, the menstrual cycle, to bring your intentions and goals to life.

Are you ready to bring more alignment into your life?

“The workshop was fantastic, I’ve got so many pointers from it. Now I just need to put them into practice. I really got a lot from it and I’d definitely do another of your workshops! And recommend to friends also.” — Ngozi Atulomah

“I found the session held beautifully by Sarah, very helpful as a way to reset my system in a sense, to connect with my inner core and to feel more centred. ” — Tania Davies

After you join our masterclass you’ll have a framework for using your menstrual cycle as a tool for understanding your deepest desires as well as what’s not working in your life right now and how to go about making changes so you feel truly connected to who you are and the vision you hold for your life.

How to Tune Into Your Menstrual Cycle for More Alignment in Your Life

In this 2-hour masterclass we’ll cover:

  • Why the menstrual cycle is impacting every area of life.
  • How to begin harnessing its superpowers and mitigating its challenges.
  • How the menstrual cycle can be the key to reclaiming your energy and avoiding burn out.
  • A simple practice that will create a bespoke-to-you self-help book so that you deeply understand your fluctuating needs and desires.
  • How to predict when your period is going to arrive.
  • Simple tips for making menstruation a restful, replenishing time.
  • Simple practices that allow you to use your cycle for bringing your intentions and goals to life.

You’ll also have a chance to ask questions and share your experiences so that you walk away understanding exactly how to begin applying everything you’ve learned to your own unique circumstances.

As a special thank you for signing up to the masterclass you’ll also receive:

  • The Cyclic Parenting 101 ebook
  • A beautiful, printable cycle mandala that will make it easy to start charting your cycle right away
  • The Meditation for Busy Parents album

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“Working with Sarah is like applying a healing balm over your soul.” — Amanda Clayson


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