With years of covid lock downs many of us are concerned for our children’s socialization skills. Today we’re chatting with Mariko Fairly from Parenting Fairly, and learning what the best strategies are for helping our kids with their social interactions. We’ve all had a moment with our kids where someone comes up to say hi to them and they dart behind our legs - and today we’re going to unpack this and see how we can best support those slow to warm kids!  Mariko taught us all about the importance of not labeling our kids, encouraging them the right way, and helping them practice social scenarios; she basically gave us the mom’s how-to guide for socializing your kid! I loved our conversation today and I know you will too - happy listening! After the episode you can come into the UM Club Facbook page to talk about everything we’ve discussed, so make sure to come check us out after! Haven’t joined the UM Club yet? Make sure to check it out here for exclusive podcasts, groupchats, and much more!

Guest Expert

Today we're here to talk with Mariko from Parenting Fairly, all about supporting your child’s socialization! Mariko Fairly is a Board Certified Behavior Analyst, parent coach, and mom of two. She provides positive and proactive strategies to increase your child’s cooperation, and your calm and confidence as a parent. Mariko supports families to tackle tantrums, transitions, hitting, throwing, potty training, bedtime/sleep challenges, sibling interactions, communication, and play skills

In This Episode We Talk About

00:21 - Who is Mariko? 02:22 - What is socialization? Why is it important? 7:18 - Supporting slow-to-warm children. 13:10 - Offering our kids options in social settings and greeting. 16:45 - Supporting our kids in socialization. 24:44 - One-on-one playdates vs. groups 31:16 - Dealing with our kids being left out at school. 37:02 - How can we teach our kids to be proactive when someone is feeling left out? 40:37 - Where to find Mariko!

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