On today’s episode, we're talking with single parent coach Jay Skibbens. Jay, a single dad of two, has tons of knowledge on dealing with the stress of single parenthood, and I’m so happy he came to chat with us and share his perspective as a Dad. As we all know, parenting can be a challenge, especially when you’re trying to do it solo. Jay and I covered exhaustion, playtime with our kids, and self care - we had so much to talk about we almost ran out time! Overall, we’re here to help you manage parenthood no matter what your situation is, and Jay gave some amazing advice on how to do this. 

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Guest Expert

Jay Skibbens created a space for himself and single parents to truly understand what it takes to thrive. He's a co-parent of two boys and has built up a coaching program for single parents.

In This Episode We Talk About

00:42 - Who is Jay?
03:40 -Working through your emotions.
08:01 - Letting go of the shame surrounding single parenting.
18:30 - The exhaustion of single parenthood.
26:13 - Working on independence with your kids.
35:12 - Making cleaning and chores fun, and the importance of playtime.
40:46 - Working self care into your routine.
53:54 - Where to find Jay!

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