We can all agree that education around women’s bodies is lacking; for a lot of us, we aren’t taught anything past penis and vaginas. Today we’re talking to Jo Corrall about all things vulva – including anatomy, vaginal discharge, female pleasure, and more! This was a super informative episode and I think we’re really going to learn a lot together!

In this episode we talked about the vulva – what it’s made up of, how it often gets mistaken for the vagina, and even the strange names we often call it! Learning our anatomy can seem really intimidating, but it actually helps us to empower ourselves. When we go to the doctor (a task that can already seem hard, hello anxiety!), we need to be able to be as accurate as possible about what’s going on with us, and learning the inner workings of vulvas is going to help us achieve that. We also talked about something that we don’t really like to talk about: discharge. This topic is one that can make us feel really uncomfortable, but it's something that is totally normal. Jo truly knows so much about helping us to feel empowered in our bodies, and to learn all about our vulvas. After the episode, make sure to head over to UM Club Facebook page where we’ll be discussing our conversation with Jo!

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Guest Expert

Founded in 2016 by, Jo Corrall, This is a Vulva is a sex education and vulva diversity campaign with the aim of stemming the rise in people wanting labiaplasty.

In This Episode We Talk About

00:02 - Who is Jo?
05:58 - The anatomy of vulvas.
12:45 - Vulva checks and what that means.
17:05 - Discharge and how normal it actually is (spoiler: very).
31:35 - Teaching our kids proper terms for genitalia.
37:26 - How to start becoming comfortable with your vulva.
41:37 - Where to find Jo!

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