As moms we tend to know a lot about our menstrual cycle - it is what got us pregnant after all! But there’s still a lot we don’t know simply because we weren’t taught. This week we’re talking to Period Coach Sarah Starrs about everything to do with our menstrual cycle and period! Sarah is not only a period coach but a period coach for parents, so stay tuned for some great tips about how we can make our menstrual cyle work for our lives.

You’re probably thinking about the different stages of the menstrual cycle and what that all means (which we will be getting into) - but what we’re also looking at is using our menstrual cycles to help in our parenting, and also knowing what stages of our cycle are best for different activities. Tracking our cycles, while maybe sounding a little tedious or difficult, can help us to learn the innerworkings of our body and plan our daily lives accordingly.

In this episode we’re going to talk about how the menstrual cycle affects us (both physically and mentally), how the cycle actually works within our bodies, and how we can start having a conversation with our kids about this. Sex ed was really lacking in school and a lot of us missed out on the importance of knowing all about menstruation - which is why we’re here with this episode!

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Guest Expert

Sarah Starrs is a period coach for parents, with parents. She helps parents who feel exhausted and burnt out from doing everything for everyone feel nourished, fulfilled, connected, and joyful through the powers of their menstrual cycles.

In This Episode We Talk About

01:05 - Who is Sarah?
05:17 - The goal of the menstrual cycle.
09:01 - The four stages of the menstrual cycle
29:32 - How do we start tracking our cycles?
34:35 - The different ways we can track our cycles.
38:27 - How tracking our cycles can help us with parenting.
45:03 - Talking to your kids about menstruation.
51:54 - Final thoughts and advice.
54:24 - Where to find Sarah!

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