While it may not be something we love to talk about, child sex abuse is something we as parents need to be aware of. Many caregivers shy away from the topic, but we're here to break the stigma and lay it all out to help give you the tools you need so we can help protect our kids. Rosalia Rivera from Consent Parenting is here to talk with us, and get the conversation going.

Rosalia is incredibly knowledgeable about the subject, and started the CONSENT parenting website to help educate others. We’re discussing how to spot signs of potential abuse, how to be proactive in helping your child say no, and getting involved within your community to make sure all the proper precautions are in place. While this is a bit of a heavy topic, it turned into a really great episode, and I’m sure you’ll love our talk with Rosalia!

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Guest Expert

Rosalia Rivera is a consent educator, abuse prevention specialist, sexual literacy advocate, TEDx speaker, change agent, and the founder of CONSENTparenting™. She is the host of the AboutCONSENT™ podcast and creator of CONSENTwear™. Rosalia teaches parents, particularly child sexual abuse survivors, how to educate their children on body safety, boundaries, and consent so that they can empower their families to prevent abuse and break intergenerational cycles. Rosalia is on a mission to end child sexual abuse, dismantle shame, and help survivors heal and become thrivers.

Rosalia is certified through the Canadian Centre for Child Protections COMMIT TO KIDS® program, and Darkness To Light Stewards of Children® program, as well as the human trafficking prevention training program: OnWatch™ by Safe House Project.

Although Rosalia was born in El Salvador and grew up in NY, she now resides in northern Canada with her partner and three young kids.

In This Episode We Talk About

0:41 - What is CONSENTparenting?
01:33 - What is child sex abuse?
2:55 - What are the potential risks to kids right now?
7:25 - How do we help our kids prevent sexual abuse?
14:35 - Laying the foundation of body empowerment.
24:03 - What is grooming? What can it look like?
30:36 - What we can do as allies and parents.
38:35 - Forming questions to ask.
40:32 - Empowering people to question their schools, daycares, and other places their kids go.
45:14 - Resources.
50:25 - Where to find Rosalia and CONSENTparenting

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