We hear the term inner child a lot these days, but not a lot of people actually know what our inner child is or how it affects us. Today we’re here with Baheya Sirry from Light-Hearted Parent to talk about our inner child and how healing it can help us become even better parents.

Our inner child is not just the part of us that is childlike - it’s a part of us that may be left unhealed from when we were younger. Ever wondered why certain aspects of your kids' behaviour might really get to you, like when they make a huge mess of their food or refuse to wear their coat? It might have something to do with your inner child, how you behaved when you were younger, and how your caregivers reacted to that behaviour. 

Baheya had so much good information to share with us about healing our inner child: 

  • Learning how to stay calm during situations that trigger us 
  • Learning to respond rather than react in situations with our kids, partners, and other relationships and interactions
  • Basically learning to heal our own shit in it’s different shapes and sizes

This episode was such a great learning experience and I can’t wait for you to read and listen! 

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Guest Expert

Baheya Sirry is a Conscious Parenting Coach and mom of 3 strong souls. Baheya is the founder of Light-Hearted Parent, and she loves to talk about parenting and rethink traditional parenting techniques using inner child healing. Being a parent brings up a lot of hidden emotions, and Baheya thinks it’s time to face them, acknowledge them, and heal them for our sake and the sake of our children.

In This Episode We Talk About

00:36 - Who is Baheya?
05:17 - What is the inner child?
10:41 - How does your inner child affect your adult self?
20:53 - Learning how to heal our inner child.
33:15 - How healing our inner child can help us.
40:27 - Final thoughts and where to find Baheya!

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