Parenting, and what it means to be a parent, has changed so much since we were kids, and we’re constantly trying to learn ways to improve our parenting styles. When it comes to more spirited kids, it can be hard dealing with these challenges as they come up. That is why we wanted to bring in Hannah and Kelty from Upbringing, to talk about how to work with our spirited kids. The episode this week is taking a deep dive into problem solving with our kids, working on building our RESIST toolbox, and most importantly learning how to be happier healthier parents than ever before. Not only is this a great lesson for now, it's a great way to prep for the future - we all want our kids to grow up and be the awesome humans we know them to be, and with Hannah and Kelty’s help, it’ll be a breeze, just kidding, it won't be a breeze, but you'll have more tools in your toolbox for when things get tough 😉 This is a great episode you’ll love to check out, so without further ado, thank you and enjoy!

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