We can’t control everything our kids do and feel, and that includes their tantrum throwing. If you’ve ever thought to yourself “how can I stop my kids tantrum,” then you’ve come to the right place. Today in this exclusive UM Club episode we’re talking to former guest Mariko Fairly from Parenting Fairly (Supporting Our Child’s Socialization with Mariko Fairly), covering all things tantrums.

We always try to bring you useful and interesting content, but this episode might take the cake for most helpful - who doesn’t want to prevent tantrums before they even happen? In this episode, we’re teacching you how to handle tantrums before and after they happen, talk about taking a big pause before we do anything, and help you understand and manage your kids' behaviour. We’re covering the how’s and why’s behind our kid’s behaviour, and all their motivations for tantrum throwing.

At the end of the day, tantrums are going to happen. They’re a huge part of parenting, and managing and helping our kids through them is part of our job as parents. This episode is going to help you learn how to manage tantrums and about the different motivations our children have for their behaviour. I can’t wait for you to listen to the episode and share your thoughts in the UM Club Facebook group!

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Guest Expert

Today we’re here to talk with Mariko from Parenting Fairly about managing and helping our kids through tantrums! Mariko Fairly is a Board Certified behaviour Analyst, parent coach, and mom of two. She provides positive and proactive strategies to increase your child’s cooperation and your calm and confidence as a parent.

Mariko supports families to tackle tantrums, transitions, hitting, throwing, potty training, bedtime/sleep challenges, sibling interactions, communication, and play skills

In This Episode We Talk About

00:28 - Who is Mariko?
02:07 - How does understanding the why behind our kid’s behaviours help us?
5:40 - The four motivations for our child’s behaviour.
11:49 - How to pause before we react to our kid’s behaviour.
13:59 - Figuring out the why behind our kid’s behaviour.
18:13 - Digging deeper into behaviour motivations.
27:39 - Connection time with our kids and when to do it.
38:19 - Things we can do in the moment to help with tantrums.
42:02 - Giving our kids a redo for bad behaviour.
46:53 - The best time to teach our kids more desirable behaviour.
49:40 - Giving in and when to do it.
55:00 - Where to find Mariko!

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