We’ve all experienced mom anger - that specific brand of “I know all you did was turn the oven fan on, but I’m going to lose it.” Today, we’re talking with licensed mental health counselor Bryce Reddy of @MomBrain.Therapist on Instagram, who just might be able to help us manage that feeling, and maintain a little more sanity. With the constant stress and pressure we face every day as moms, anger has a way of pouring out of us onto our family, and that’s usually quickly followed by guilt and shame. Which is why it’s important to learn about our emotions and what leads to overwhelm so we can find a way to manage it, not just for our families - for our mental health and wellness too! 

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Guest Expert Bryce Reddy

Bryce Reddy, known on Instagram as @MomBrain.Therapist, is a mom of almost three (one is on the way), and a licensed mental health counselor specializing in maternal mental health, living in New England in the US.

Mom Brain Therapist Website

Mom Brain Therapist Instagram

In This Episode We Talk About

  • 00:35 - All things mom anger related.
  • 1:10 - What inspired you to start working on this?
  • 3:17 - What are some common causes of mom anger?
  • 7:58 - The different ways mom anger can present itself.
  • 15:00 - Internal and external anger.
  • 17:45 - Ways to mitigate mom anger.
  • 19:07 - What do the stress-relief routines work for?
  • 21:55 - What are some things to do when you start to feel angry?
  • 27:35 - How can single parents deal with this?
  • 31:32 - Recovering from an angry outburst.
  • 36:38 - Resources

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