In this episode, we’re talking to Dr. Stephani Liu, the creator of Life of Dr. Mom and By Dr. Mom, about how to deal with sickness and keep ourselves healthy this winter! Originally I had hoped we could go more in depth about the covid vaccine for kids, but do to an influx of negative backlash we decided not to cover that in this interview. However, I always strive to bring you fact based information to help empower you in your decisions and have included several links that can aid you in your research when making these decisions. 

Give our episode a listen to learn about tips for dealing with colds, Covid, and boosting your immune system, and check out the Resource Link section for articles and studies related to the covid vaccine.

Guest Expert

Dr. Stephanie Liu is a family physician and Assistant Clinical Professor at the University of Alberta. She graduated from Columbia University with a Masters of Science and completed her Doctor of Medicine at the University of Alberta. Dr. Liu is the creator of the evidence based parenting blog “Life of Dr Mom.” Her goal is to provide parents with accessible and credible medical information. She is also the founder of “By Dr Mom,” a company that creates functional and educational children’s products. Outside of her work, Dr. Liu loves spending time with her husband Graeme and their two children, Madi and George.

In This Episode We Talk About

1:07 - COVID and it’s impact on families.
2:15 - Dealing with round 2 of COVID.
5:59 - Dealing with mental health in COVID.
13:25 - How to step back as parents when it comes to our kids and staying healthy and safe.
14:53 - What to do when our kids need to stay home from school.
18:24 - How to boost our kids and our own immune systems.
19:35 - The Importance of Vitamin D

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