Our monthly self care challenges are all about trying out new habits that can have a lasting impact on our overall well-being and how we show up for our families. This month’s challenge is inspired by last month’s interview with Bryce Reddy, when she shared with us a tip to help prevent overwhelm and the big blow ups that can come at the end of a long day of momming.

The Challenge

Practice regular self check ins 3 x a day. Notice how your body feels and how you are mentally feeling. Ask yourself what you can do to get ahead of any negative emotions and overwhelm that may be coming up and make it a priority to do those things.


Stay engaged in the Facebook Group for accountability. Every Monday there will be a post where to set our intentions for the week, and every Friday we’ll check in to reflect on how we’re doing.
This is all about progress over perfection. Don’t let it hold you back, if you fall off track check back in with us and keep trying.


We’ll have a giveaway at the end of the month for some new Unapologetic Motherhood merch! Everyone who participates in the Facebook posts will be entered into the giveaway!