This week, I’m talking with Mary Tate from Tate Psychotherapy about toxic families and how to create boundaries with people. Setting boundaries is important for our mental health, and the health of everyone around us, but it can be tricky to navigate. Every family is so different, but we're here to help you navigate whatever situation you’re in and find the best solution. Mary and I tackled tons of different scenarios and plans, including why creating a pro-con list can be your best friend, and how sometimes we just need to divorce our family. If you’re struggling with setting up boundaries, or working to keep them in place, this week's interview is for you!

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Guest Expert

Today I am really excited to be talking with Mary Tate, from Tate Psychotherapy, who is going to teach us all about setting boundaries with toxic parents. Mary is a registered psychotherapist and has her own practice in New York City. She is an expert in setting up boundaries within our families and friends, and is going to let us in on her tips and tricks!

She received her undergraduate degree in Social Work at Western Carolina University, and a Masters of Social Work (MSW) at The University of South Carolina. Her clinical interests include treating anxiety, trauma, self-esteem and working with individuals who have chronic health conditions. She has experience with a variety of populations, ranging from children to adolescents to young adults, as well as families as a whole.

Mary’s Website:
Mary’s Instagram: @TatePsychotherapy

In This Episode We Talk About

03:44 - Reasons why people need to create boundaries.
06:37 - How do you establish if you need to create boundaries, and what do those look like?
14:42 - What can different boundaries look like?
26:40 - Tips on how to uphold boundaries.
33:20 - Dealing with guilt.
41:15 - Talking to your kids about boundaries.
45:26 - Acknowledging that boundaries can be difficult. 

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