When it comes to living our daily lives, it’s really easy to feel anxiety; living through a global pandemic will do that to a person, especially with the extra load parents have taken on. Anxiety can present itself in many forms, sometimes minimal, other times it can feel like this overwhelming presence in our lives and in ourselves. We’re diving into all this with Mary - who you may recognize from our previous episode, Setting Boundaries With Toxic Family Members. Mary Tate is a licensed clinical social worker who is very experienced in helping people manage their anxiety and was incredibly informative!

In this episode, we’re looking at how anxiety affects us physiologically, how it impacts us and our daily lives, and what we can do to help manage it. We delved into the different kinds of anxieties, clinical and personal treatment - even how a giant weighted butterfly can help to calm us down. 

Managing anxiety can seem like a big task, but we learned some really amazing tips that I'm sure you’ll find really helpful. Like Mary Tate said, “the experience of feeling anxiety is a human condition… And help is there. And relief can happen.” 

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Guest Expert

Mary is the founder of Tate Psychotherapy, a boutique group practice located in New York City that specializes in the mental health treatment of women, children and families.

In This Episode We Talk About

00:56 - Who is Mary Tate?
02:50 - What is anxiety and how does it affect us physiologically?
24:46 - Treating anxiety long-term.
33:43 - Treating anxiety in the moment and quick tips.
38:08 - What advice do you have for people struggling with anxiety?
42:13 - Where to find Mary!

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