Our bodies are an amazing tool that let us do so many things, but it can be really hard for us to love them sometimes. Today we’re chatting with Nicole Lemke about body acceptance in a special companion episode to our Body Acceptance and Healing Episode with Marie-Pier from The Balanced Practice.

Nicole is a truly amazing woman who has struggled with body acceptance and has gone on an incredibly journey to help her get to this point. Body acceptance is a journey that we’ll be on for a long time, so learning how to accept ourselves and our flaws is so helpful for us and our mental health and well-being.

Our companion episodes really let us dive in deep with real people who are going through the same struggles we are. We’re living in a society that enforces the “ideal” body type, which isn’t normal for most of us, and talking to more people about this really lets us see we’re not alone. This talk was so amazing and Nicole had so many great resources and recommendations for us, so make sure to check them out below!

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Guest Expert

Nicole is a content creator from Peterborough, ON. She speaks about body confidence, mental health, and intimacy. She is a RN, meditation teacher, and is training to become a yoga teacher. She has a podcast called The Sexy Saturday Podcast.

In This Episode We Talk About

00:54 - Who is Nicole?
02:24 - How Nicole got started doing body acceptance and sexual wellness work.
06:09 - The Sexy Saturday Podcast and how it helped me!
08:02 - Nicole’s journey and how it got started.
19:07 - Clearing out your Instagram and moving towards a positive feed.
26:18 - Self-pleasure and empowering yourself to do it.
28:46 - Body acceptance over body positivity - what does that mean?
34:25 - Nicole’s resources and favourites.
34:25 - Where to find Nicole!

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