If you’re anything like me, you know that finding time to workout during the day is almost impossible - and certainly not number one on your priority list. Today I’m talking with health and fitness expert Kylie Senft about managing fitness as a mom, and she’s giving some great tips on how to handle what seems like a huge task. If you’ve ever struggled with the pressure to lose weight, especially around the holidays, then you know that what you see on TV is not achievable for many of us, and Kylie is fighting this battle head-on with health-focused fitness. We talked about fitting 15 minutes of exercise into your day, healthy habits for you and your kids, and finding an activity you love. Sound interesting so far? Join the UM Club to listen to this exclusive episode and many more!

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Guest Expert

Kylie Senft, is a local personal trainer and founder of Mini and Me Fitness who shares all about her passion for fitness with the mom community. Want to know more about Kylie? Check out her fitness group for you and your little one, Mini & Me Fitness!

In This Episode We Talk About

00:57 - Who is Kylie Senft and what does she do?
01:50 - The problem with weight centered diet goals.
7:12 - What kind of fitness goals should we be setting?
10:40 - Dealing with the guilt of taking time for yourself.
13:55 - Setting ourselcves up for success in our goals.
23:39 - Making exercise fun and finding the right thing for you.
27:10 - How to get over gym-phobia.
32:15 - Last thoughts on fitness goals and where to find Kylie!

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