Skincare can seem like the ultimate task as a mom - who has time for a 12 step routine twice a day? Today I’m here with Zoe Quindazzi who’s going to help me breakdown skincare, and give you a routine that doesn’t tire you out just thinking about it. Not only are we talking about how to simplify your skincare, we’re taking a holistic approach and looking at all the things that can also affect your skin - and yes, your emotions do affect what happens to your skin! 

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Guest Expert Zoe Quindazzi Medical and Holistic Esthetician

Today I'm really excited to dig into skincare how-to with Zoe Quindazzi, owner and holistic and medical esthetician at Skincare Corrective. She has been sharing her knowledge for over 15 years, and has incredible knowledge of how our skin works. 

Zoe Quindazzi’s Instagram: @SkincareCorrectivesyyj
Zoe Quindazzi’s website:
Zoe Quindazzi’s Facebook: Skincare Correctives

In This Episode We Talk About

00:27 - Who is Zoe Quindazzi and how did she get into this type of work?
4:01 - Certifications in esthetics and what they mean.
7:04 - How does your skin interact with your body?
9:19 - The basics of maintaining skin health.
12:54 - What to look for in skin protection.
16:02 - Items that impact your skin, and how to remedy them.
22:48 - The exterior things that affect your skin.
25:21 - Breaking down your skincare routine.
31:58 - Different types of skin.
33:49 - How to find the right skincare regimen.
38:53 - Acne and aging.
43:57 - Skincare red flags.
53:21 - Where to find Zoe!

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