As moms, we can forget that we’re also women, who have our own needs wants, and desires - and that includes embracing our sexuality. Today we’re talking to Katie Roberts from Clit Talk about sexual desire, and how to figure out what we want and communicate that to our partners. Not only is desire something we don’t really talk about, we can suppress it under all of the stress and mental load of motherhood, which can make it hard to identify and embrace. 

Through chatting with Katie, we’re going to learn how to tap into desires, figure out what our desires really are, and be motivated to embrace them! Figuring out our desires goes beyond just the sexual aspect - it’s how we realize what our needs are, and what we want in every aspect of our life. Learning what we want and need is going to help make our lives more fulfilling, and I’m so happy that we’re going to explore this together!

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