Cannabis is something that we’re all about here at Unapologetic Motherhood, and we love exploring all the amazing uses it can have. Many of us use cannabis in our day-to-day lives and it really helps us - but what happens when we combine it with our sex lives?

This week we’re talking to Carli Jo Cabrera about cannabis, sex, and pratices to help us enhance our sex lives. Carli Jo is a sensuality coach who specializes in helping women in committed relationships get what they want in the bedroom and feel empowered to do so, and we’re so lucky to have her join us for this episode!

Cannabis is only the beginning of how we can improve our own sensuality and sexuality, and Carli Jo shared some amazing tips from her sensuality toolbox. We talked about exploring our sexuality, learning how to speak up, and even leaving the stereotypical cannabis boys club behind in favour of connecting with some amazing women. This episode was full of great information and some really amazing thoughts on cannabis and sex, so make sure to give it a read and listen!

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Guest Expert

Carli Jo Cabrera is a speaker, author, and trusted Sensuality Coach to high-achieving women in committed relationships. Women seek her support when they are burnt out, disconnected from themselves, their partners, and personal pleasure. Through her informative framework “The Arousal Cycle,” hundreds of women have gained a brand-new understanding of their core needs and sexual turn-ons resulting in them getting out of their heads and into their bodies. Her pioneering work around connected and orgasmic sex has been featured in The New York Times and Cosmopolitan.

In This Episode We Talk About

00:19 - Who is Carli Jo?
06:52 - Carli Jo’s story and her experience using cannabis.
20:56 - Ways in which we can open ourselves sexually, with or without cannabis.
22:43 - Using your sexual toolbox.
28:59 - Cannabis and how it can heighten sensations.
33:00 - Using cannabis both as a new Canna consumer and someone who frequently uses.
38:57 - Where to find Carli Jo!

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