Cannabis is something that we’re all about here at Unapologetic Motherhood, and we love exploring all the amazing uses it can have. Many of us use cannabis in our day-to-day lives and it really helps us – but what happens when we combine it with our sex lives?

This week we’re talking to Carli Jo Cabrera about cannabis, sex, and pratices to help us enhance our sex lives. Carli Jo is a sensuality coach who specializes in helping women in committed relationships get what they want in the bedroom and feel empowered to do so, and we’re so lucky to have her join us for this episode!

Cannabis is only the beginning of how we can improve our own sensuality and sexuality, and Carli Jo shared some amazing tips from her sensuality toolbox. We talked about exploring our sexuality, learning how to speak up, and even leaving the stereotypical cannabis boys club behind in favour of connecting with some amazing women. This episode was full of great information and some really amazing thoughts on cannabis and sex, so make sure to give it a read and listen!

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Guest Expert

Carli Jo Cabrera is a speaker, author, and trusted Sensuality Coach to high-achieving women in committed relationships. Women seek her support when they are burnt out, disconnected from themselves, their partners, and personal pleasure. Through her informative framework “The Arousal Cycle,” hundreds of women have gained a brand-new understanding of their core needs and sexual turn-ons resulting in them getting out of their heads and into their bodies. Her pioneering work around connected and orgasmic sex has been featured in The New York Times and Cosmopolitan.

In This Episode We Talk About

00:19 – Who is Carli Jo?
06:52 – Carli Jo’s story and her experience using cannabis.
20:56 – Ways in which we can open ourselves sexually, with or without cannabis.
22:43 – Using your sexual toolbox.
28:59 – Cannabis and how it can heighten sensations.
33:00 – Using cannabis both as a new Canna consumer and someone who frequently uses.
38:57 – Where to find Carli Jo!

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Read the Full Conversation

Hello and welcome to another episode inside the Unapologetic Moms Club. Today I am very excited to be welcoming Carli Jo the sensuality coach to talk all about cannabis and sexuality with us. Welcome Carli Jo!

Hello, thanks for having me.

We just got chatting away before we even hit record. So I’m really excited to see where this conversation takes us. But let’s start off to hear a little bit more about you. Who are you? What do you do? And why are you so passionate about this particular area?

Hmm, got it. So hello, I’m Carli Jo. I’m originally from Wisconsin but live in Los Angeles with my dogs and my husband, Jose. I am a sensuality coach, and primarily my passion is to work with women in long term committed relationships who have solid relationships, you know, the partner that they’re with, they love and they adore, and yet there’s something missing in their sex life. They’re not fully satisfied. And they’re hungry, they’re hungry for more, they’re not fully getting what they want out of their eroticism or their sex life with their partner. And the spot that I really, really focus on is women who are willing to fight for their marriage. Women who are like, “yes, I have this amazing partnership, and I want more. And I’m ready to go out and get it and fight.” Fight for their marriage, fight for their partnership. 

And why I’m so passionate about that is because that’s me. My husband and I have been together for about six and a half years, and we have had sexual struggles since month one. And I have had to choose. There were times in our marriage where I was like, “oh, I don’t know if this is going to work. I don’t know if I want this,” like I’m a sex coach, I eat, breathe, live this topic, intimacy, all day, every day. 

And so my level of awareness on sexuality in my own body, and my pleasure, is constantly going up, up, up, up. And it’s like, even though he’s rising, it’s just not enough, there’s always a gap, there’s always gonna be a gap with us. And there were times where, even right after we got married, where I was like, this is not working, like you’re not initiating. That was like my biggest thing. It’s just like, I don’t feel desired. I don’t feel wanted. I feel like my sexuality is so big and so vast, and I’m getting like a drop in the ocean in this marriage. 

And one day, I really had to decide, instead of having one foot out and one foot in, really had to decide and I chose to stay and I chose to fight. And I mean, I can tell some stories of how much our sex life has transformed by me just making that choice to stay, and getting coache,s and we are working with a professional Dom. I’ll let you go where you want to go from there.

Yeah, I love that. And so much of that resonates with me, and why sex and relationships is a huge topic and content pillar for us here within this community. Because I think it’s kind of one of those things that you don’t really know until you know. You might know that something’s missing, or that you want more. But once you’ve kind of moved through things and are more empowered in your sexuality and have that pleasure and connection with your partner, it unlocks so much that you don’t necessarily understand until you’re there. 

And so that’s why I’m really passionate about bringing it here and teaching our community, because especially like you had mentioned in those long-term committed relationships where there’s so much trust and connection, it truly opens things up that I don’t necessarily think or believe that you can in other ways when you don’t have that connection and that trust. So I’m excited to dig into this. 

So how can cannabis be used to increase sexual satisfaction and increase that connection and pleasure within relationships?

Yeah, this is where I kind of need to take a few steps back before I feel like I can really dive into the cannabis aspect of it, because I got branded the cannabis sensuality coach about five years ago. And it’s still my title and it’s still my social, but I have been stepping more away from my brand being focused on cannabis. And so I just say that I have like a toolbox. And there’s so many things that are in my toolbox and in my wheelhouse. And cannabis is one of the tools that I have. 

And so when I’m working with women, I’m working with women to help them and to support them on discovering what their unique pathway is to turn on pleasure and arousal. So each and every one of us has a unique pathway. And it’s about discovering and finding it for you. And for some of us, that pathway is cannabis. That’s me. That’s why I got so passionate about teaching it. I had huge – my sexual awakening. My first one, I believe that we have many in our lifetime. My first sexual awakening was really with the support of the plant. And so would you like to hear that story?

Yes. I was going to say, please share with us, because I love that story. Hearing Carli Jo’s story on the High Society Mama’s Sunday Clubhouse Chat is what inspired me to reach out to you currently. So please share with us!

Yeah, and it gives context to why I bring cannabis into my coaching. So I started consuming when I was in high school, mostly just to look cool to my brother and his friends. I was a freshman when he was a senior, I think. And so I was like, of course, my brother had like hot friends that were seniors. And so I really started to consume just recreationally with them. 

And my whole life, I have felt more compelled to use cannabis for recreation than like drinking alcohol. Cannabis for me just like, not only does it support my softening – because I can be hard, I can have a hard protective shell like an armor around me. And not only does this support me in like softening and opening, it also supports me being present. And also, you know, gives you the giggles and have fun and makes everything more fun. And so I really use it as a recreational aid, for most of my adult life. 

And when my husband and I got together, it was something that we actually like really bonded with. I had this vision of sitting in a hot tub with my future husband and smoking weed with him. And the lover that I had before him actually was like really anti-cannabis. Like I remember consuming in private, like when we were at parties, like he would go outside and be like “okay I’m going to consume real quick.” 

So when we got together, I was like okay, this is so much fun. We would smoke to go to the pier concert in Santa Monica, we would smoke to go to the movies, hang out, make dinner, it was always a part of our dating life. And I have always had a sense that cannabis has supported me in the bedroom for the same reasons that I already described. Softening, right? Softening, surrendering. Helping me be present, feeling my sensations, feeling the arising, the sensations, feeling the pleasure in my body. I’ve had that experience multiple times. And yet I never really thought much of it. I wasn’t like, oh, why is this happening? No, it’s just almost like a little separation of just like, oh yeah, cannabis and sex, but they’re over here, not really like marrying them together. 

So in 2017, I joined Layla Martin – who’s my teacher, my coach – her sex love and relationship coaching program, which is now called VITA. And I was in that program for two years. And it was so brutal. I had no idea how much I was disconnected my head from my body, I had no idea,  until that course, how much sexual shame, sexual shyness, embarrassment, how much I really like didn’t know my body and did not know my pussy, I did not have a relationship with her at all. And our homework – in the sex coaching world we call it home play. It was actually to spend about three to five hours a week on self-pleasure. And self-pleasure could be anything from being – we call it more like pleasure meditations, like being in the meditative state, while bringing pleasure into your body, is what I teach now, to give my client’s pleasure meditation. 

So I was in that course and I was just really struggling. I was really behind in the course, I was having a really hard time staying in the study, staying in the practices. And it’s because I was so numb. I was so numb that I couldn’t feel anything and I was just getting frustrated and mad. And I was just like, what is the point of this? Why should I be in my body? Why should I be touching my pussy when I can’t feel anything

And at this time, we’re switching into about 2018 and California had just voted and passed the recreation law. So for cannabis, for many, many years, you could get a medicinal card to receive cannabis. But in 2018, we voted for the recreational law. And so in 2018, we had this really grey year where it was legal, but there were no laws yet. So it was like a free for all. It was the best. It was so much fun. I was going out to cannabis events, there was like women’s cannabis circles where it was like sitting in a community with women and smoking and sharing, like really bringing consciousness and mindfulness to cannabis in a way that I had never experienced before. 

When I really feel into it right now, it’s like, wow, did I see it as a boys club? Like cannabis was this thing that I went and did with men, you know, I would gravitate towards the men to go smoke, while all the women were kind of like in private, almost hiding their consumption. So it’s like, oh, I’ll just go be with the boys and smoke some blunts and whatever. I don’t think I’ve ever smoked a blunt but it just felt right for my story.

But then there was this whole other world happening, including myself, where we were in the closet, right? It’s like, I can’t be a stoner as a woman, I won’t be safe, people won’t respect me. You know, I had to really hide that part of myself for the majority of my life. 

And as we know, when we hide something about ourselves, we get repressed. We repress it. And this is actually something I work with women all the time on, is healing the shame and the guilt around cannabis use. 

So, in this grey year, I went to this festival in Malibu, and I got to meet all of the Emerald Triangle farmers, which is up in Northern California. Like the OG farmers who have had their farms for like 100 some years. Not just the like, oh, cannabis is legal. Let’s start a business. The OG like have been in jail for this, have been raided, had to go underground. And you know how many of them are women owned? So many.

Oh, how cool, I had no idea.

Yeah, it was really, really interesting. And so there’s this one farm, and I always give them a shout out, Empress Farm. I sat with a farmer and he gave me a joint and we were smoking, and he was telling me all about his plants. And he was the person who told me that cannabis is the plant representation of the feminine.

So interesting. I saw that on your blog post. 

Yeah, I said it differently though. Hold on. Cannabis is the plant representation of the divine feminine. There we go. He’s the one that told me that, while consuming his plant that he called Empress. And he was telling me how he is like – I don’t want to put words in his mouth. And this was definitely years ago so I can’t fully remember everything. But I just remember this sense of like, bowing down to the Goddess that is his plants. Like this man had so much reverence for his plants, and the Goddess and the feminine and I was oh my god. It was so good. And come to find out his daughter was in my course with me. My sex love and relationship coaching certification with me. Yeah, she just moved to LA and I was like, oh my god, this is so divine. So, he gifts me a joint. And he says take this home and put it on your altar. And the next time that you feel called to be with The Goddess, smoke it. 

So here I am. Back in my condo, having a really hard time getting through the self-pleasure meditations, can’t connect with my body, can’t stay present, can’t feel sensation. I’m on my fifth hour of the week of doing this like tantra practice. And I look up at my altar, and I see the joint. And I was like, hmm, I wonder what would happen if I brought the cannabis into my experience, versus what I would use to do is it’s like I’m in the living room and then I go into the bedroom. Like, what if I actually married the two and brought them together? And I had just watched this amazing documentary about the history of cannabis. It’s on YouTube

And I’ve learned that there’s a prayer in Sanskrit that is in one of the great Tantra books. And it translates to “may this cannabis bless my heart.” And so I brought the cannabis. And I brought it to my heart. And I just gave the blessing, may this cannabis bless my heart. And then I shared my intention, my intention is to be present in my body. And then I smoked it.

So what happened from there was so wild. I had never been that fully in my body before. I remember so clearly that I was inside of my womb centre, swimming. And I was seeing all these like, it was really dark, like a curtain or like a pocket, like really dark. But then I would see these like pops of colors. And as I would swim towards them, the more sensation I would feel in my body, and the more sensation I would feel in my pussy. And so I just kept getting closer and closer and closer. And the closer I would get the bigger the colors and the brighter and it was the most divine experience of my life in sexuality. And I had an amazing, amazing orgasm. 

And then a few days later, I went to my coach who was supporting me through the course. And I was like, oh my god, I’m so present in my body! But then I instantly shamed myself. And I was like, yeah, but it was the cannabis. It wasn’t me. And she said to me, “cannabis showed you what was possible in your body.” It lifted the veil off of the shoulds, the pressure, the conditioning, the shame, all of those layers that get put on top of our sexuality, all of those years of me repressing and pushing down my sexual essence because it was too much, I’m too much. 

It opened the box and was like “we’ll just let you out, all of that gets to be here.” And that was such an important moment for me, to have rightness with my unique pathway. And some women, it’s vibrators, or it’s porn. And whatever the pathway is, it’s whatever gave you access. If vibrators give you access to feel your first orgasm, let’s celebrate that. Let’s celebrate and approve the fuck out of it. And if you want a different way, great. There’s people like me who can teach you that, or there’s books or podcasts, right? But like finding the approval, and the celebration in the pathway first. 

Because I get that, I have women who will come up to me and they’ll say “yeah, you know, I really have these amazing sexual experiences with my husband when I’m high. But you know, I don’t want to have that be a crutch.”

Honestly, I feel like I’m somewhat in that position myself, where I’ve learned how marrying the two of them can be so amazing. And I’m like, can I achieve the same level without it? And sometimes right now, it honestly doesn’t necessarily feel like that, it feels like it gets close but doesn’t just open right up in the same way. So you’re saying that it’s fully possible and there are other ways to tap into that without it?

Oh, absolutely. I mean, for me, and I am a client as well. You know, I am fully orgasmic with or without cannabis. Cannabis helped me discover my orgasmic potential, but it’s there with or without. Have you tried having sex without cannabis? 


And you’re saying it’s just like, you get close to the experience with cannabis but you don’t fully go there?

Yes, exactly. 

Well, that’s like a really fun, yummy little area for you to play with. Because on the other side of that is probably a sexual awakening for you.

Yeah. The next level of opening up. 

Yeah. Surrendering, letting go, asking for what you want. I think that’s a large part of, you know, for me, I think your original question was like how do I use cannabis to support sex?

Yeah. So bringing it back to those tangible things, I really wanted you to share that story because I think it’s just so incredible, that full experience when kind of that aha moment, like feeling really into your body, going for it, and how transformative it was. But bringing it back down to in terms of kind of tangible takeaways and that sort of thing. And it is just one tool within the toolbox. But how do you use that tool to help your different clients? Or how do they incorporate the tool to help with different struggle areas that they’re experiencing?

Yeah, so most of the women who come to work with me, they’re either Canna curious, which means that they want to learn more, they don’t really know a whole lot about cannabis, but there’s this like inkling, there’s this like “might be something for me.” Or they’re already a consumer and they want to get right with their consumption and they want to learn how to create ritual and work with the plant medicine. 

And so the first thing that we do is we find approval for it wherever they are in their journey. So if they’re a cannabis user and they’re feeling this like “oh my god, it’s like an addiction, like I have to have cannabis to have sex.” We have to look at that first, we have to really see and really work on getting the right relationship with it. And part of that is finding approval, giving yourself approval and permission for your unique pathway. It’s like cannabis has probably given you access to two different things. For me, personally, cannabis has given me access to – I mean so many things – but my kinky side. It’s really supporting me, and how it supported me and me and my kinky is it lowers the part of me that says like, it’s not okay to ask for a specific thing, and I’ll share a story.

That softening again, mentioning how it’s hard, similar with the kinky and kind of scared in a way to try the new things, or discuss new things. And cannabis helps you feel more okay with it.

Yeah, you know, most women come to me and they’ll say, “oh, I just don’t know what I want.” And I’m over here like “bullshit,” you know? I’m like, give me 10 minutes with you and I guarantee I can help support you in finding three things that you want in your sex life. 

And so what’s more accurate, so when they say “I just I don’t know what I want.” I was like, what’s more accurate is that you actually don’t give yourself approval for what you want. And so an example of this is like, right after we got married, we had consumed I think an edible. And we were on the couch, and we’re just having this really exquisite experience. And somehow I was like, on his lap and bent over enough where we were having sex, and he was able to spank me. 

And I just felt the rapture of my kink. I could just feel like I had this naughtiness coming out. And so I asked him, I said “will you call me your dirty, slutty wife?” And he did. And it was so hot. Right after the experience, I went into my shame hole. And luckily, I have the tools that I have. And I just said, “how was that for you? How was it to receive that request? How was it for you to say that to me?” And we got to have a really beautiful conversation about it. 

And what I found is that he was in approval of it. He was like, “I love you telling you what you want.” But see, I’ve had it that it’s not okay to share, that what I want isn’t accepted. I’ve had it that telling him what I want means that he’s doing something wrong, and that I’m going to hurt his feelings.

All those internal thoughts limiting beliefs. 

Yes. All of the bullshit.

Yeah, the inner critic.

The inner critic! Yeah. And he’s like, “no, I loved it. It was hot.” But the cannabis is what actually helped me. It’s like it unlocked my throat. It unlocked my voice. And the part of me that would have normally been like, “oh, I can’t ask that” was just fully like, “no, I can ask this. And I can have this.” 

And not that long ago, a few weeks ago, not on cannabis, I had a similar experience with something that I asked for. The thing is that you get this like little voice in your head that’s like, I wish we would change positions right now. I wish you would go slower. I really want to scream. Oh, but I can’t. And we just push it away. And we push it away and push it away and push it away to where it’s so faint we can’t really hear it anymore. We don’t listen to it. And we don’t trust ourselves. And there’s a lot of good reasons for that. There’s good reasons for everything we do. The cannabis for me, and for my clients, can really support them in just letting that stuff go. And surrendering, surrendering to their unique pathway and not making it wrong. 

And so it’s both in the moment, and perhaps as a tool for after, like you said, when that kind of shame and “oh, should I have said that” starts coming up. It can also be a tool to kind of release that again and have those more open, connected conversations to work through that as well. It can help both in the bedroom and out for that experience.


And another thing that I found to love with cannabis and sexuality is just those heightened sensations too. It seems to be a great tool for that. Have you noticed that with your clients in them experiencing that?

Yeah, we all have this monkey mind. You know, have you read The Untethered Soul


I’m on the first chapter. The first chapter is all about this like inner critic and how we have this inner voice that most of us listen to. We don’t know until we’re taught otherwise, we just think that’s God or that’s whatever, that’s truth. That’s absolute, right? And so if that’s happening in your day-to-day, if in your day-to-day you’re making yourself wrong, if you’re doubting yourself, if you’re criticizing yourself, why would we think it’s not going to happen in the bedroom? Right? So it’s a 24/7 practice and we keep coming back – I call it doubt your doubts. 

And so this cortical control that we have, that’s like this part of us that wants to control everything. This overthinking, over critical mind, loves to tell us that what we want is wrong, that what we’re doing is wrong, that we should be doing this, that and the other. And what I have found for myself and my clients is this is not true for everyone. For some people, cannabis makes that cortical bigger, much, much, much bigger. But for me and most of the women I work with, it relaxes that part. And supports us. 

It’s almost like I see it like a guard, like you have a guard at the front of your house, who doesn’t let anyone in, doesn’t let anything in. And then all of a sudden, the cannabis kind of like poofed that guard away. And it allows you to soften – again, just coming back to softening and surrendering and trusting that your body is right. Your pleasure is right, your orgasm is right. And cannabis can support that. 

And if it happens with cannabis, that means that it’s always been there. It’s like when women will tell me that they’re hanging on to Trevor, this guy they dated when they were 21 years old. And Trevor gave them the best orgasms of their life. And I’m just over here like no! There was something about the energy, there was something about the environment that supported it, he was definitely a part of co-creating it, but it was your body. And if your body can create it here, it can happen here.

The power is within. Now I know we are coming up to time, if we could quickly just touch on perhaps – I’d like to break it into two, like you said with your two clients, I think that is reflective here within the community – some tangible things that our listeners could do if they are 1. Canna curious, looking into the possibility of trying cannabis and marrying it with their sexuality. And then also for those that are more cannabis consumers but wanting to tap into this, what are some ways that they could explore that a little bit more?

So for the Canna curious, just start so small. And for every person that fits in either of those categories, the word is play. You’re just playing. Right? So it’s like, think of your sex life like a sexy lab. And so you might, and this goes kind of for everyone, and I’ll speak to the individuals – you know what’s best for you. I can tell you ideas, I can give you suggestions, but like, ultimately, you have agency over you. And so if you’re getting this hit where you’re just like “I wanna try something,” chances are there’s something you already want to try. You’re just wanting me to validate it, right? So if I was actually speaking to your group, I would be like put it in the chat. What is it that you guys want to try? And whatever it is that they want to try I’d be like, “that’s great. Go out and try that.” 

Yes, this is your permission. Try it.

This is why I was telling you earlier off recording that it’s like I don’t talk about which strain to use anymore. I’m like, follow your intuition because it is your North Star. 

And so to say all that and then to add something to it would be like for Canna curiouses, is it’s like feel into your desire and what you want and start slow. So if it’s an edible, like two milligrams, one milligram, you know. If it’s a joint like one hit, you know. Just whatever it is that you decide to choose, just really small and slow, so you don’t completely take yourself over. I mean, we’ve all had bad experiences with cannabis. Like we’ve all had it, and it’s possible. And if you’re Canna curious and you keep trying different cannabis and none of it’s working, then that might just not be your pathway.

But some of my clients are just CBD, they just love CBD because it calms everything down. The thing is that ideally, what I support my clients with is to get them into their parasympathetic nervous system. That’s the nervous system that’s rest and digest. So what supports us getting into our parasympathetic? Meditation, journaling, walks in nature, bubble bath, things that downgrade or downshift, right? And I just want to say there’s a whole group of people who actually use the sympathetic, which is their stress and anxiety, to actually get into sex. And it’s a whole – it’s kind of like a kinky thing. So just like that’s there, but we’re talking about the parasympathetic. 

So CBD for those of you that are, you know, mom, leaders in your household, leaders at work, children, dogs, got to get dinner ready. There’s this “ugh” all day, so it’s like how do I soften into intimacy. CBD, or, you know, edibles, stuff like that. 

So I created a ritual, a cannabis consumption ritual that I teach. And if you’re going to explore with yourself versus a partner, it doesn’t matter, but I’m going to explain it with a partner. So my husband and I sit on the bed across from each other, whatever it is that we’re consuming. Typically, in this ritual we use a joint, but you can use whatever feels good to you. We bring it into the bedroom. We actually put it on a plate, we create a little altar for it with crystals and candles and essential oils. And I mean, I’m a sensual, so anything that can like feast my senses, I’m like all about it. 

And we do the ritual, we bring it and we say “may this cannabis bless my heart,” and we pass it back and forth. And we both set intentions. My intention is to be present, my intention is to play, my intention is to be silly, right? Whatever it is. We both set our intentions, and then we consume it together. And from there, we just flow. Sometimes we go into the bathtub, sometimes we give each other massages, sometimes we run around like wild animals. It’s just like whatever playful thing. Sometimes we’ll get naked and lay on top of each other then fall asleep. That was a great intimate experience. 

And so anyone, either category, can try that. And you can do it with yourself. I’ve had plenty of self-pleasure experiences with myself, where I do the ritual, and it’s so much fun. And sometimes even at the end of the ritual, I’m like texting my husband to come in, you know?

Yeah, I love that. And it’s just really slowing down and putting the intention behind it. Alright, I know you’ve got to run, it’s been so fantastic chatting with you. Where can everyone listening go to find more about you to connect with you and perhaps see how you can help them?

Yeah! Well the best place is my Instagram @CannabisSensualityCoach. I’m actually running a five day challenge in April called Path to Pleasure that I welcome all the women to come join, it’s a really really fun five days with me. And you can go to my website – it is getting revamped – so it’s There has not been attention on my website in quite some time so it is a little bit old. So that’s why I say Instagram. Follow me, DM me. 

I mean I love hearing from people who have listened. And if you’re really, really called to want to have a one-on-one conversation with me, I do offer a free 20 Minute Call. Yeah, you can let me know that you heard me here and you can use that 20 minutes to ask me questions, get support. It’s really, really fun. You’d be surprised how much can get transformed in 20 minutes.

A lot can happen in 20 minutes. Well thank you, we’ll make sure to link all of that. And like I said, it’s been such a pleasure. Thank you for being here. And thank you for our listeners listening to this episode. We’ll chat more about all of this in our Facebook group. Take care!


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