In this blog post, we got a chance to talk with Lindsey Corum, the founder of Cannabomz and host of the Cannamomz podcast! A cannabis enthusiast and mother, Lindsey shared her knowledge and gave us the inside scoop about a wide range of CBD products including what to avoid when buying cannabis products (they're not all created equal!). As a mom herself, Lindsey has great knowledge of managing motherhood and cannabis, and we really enjoyed talking to her. Read on to learn some great tips from Lindsey!

In This Episode We Talk About

0:50 - Lindsey's journey with cannabis and starting her business? 4:25 - What is CBD and how do topicals work with your system? 6:00 - How to choose quality products. 10:57 - How to use bath bombs. 13:10 - How to find the right product for your ailment. 19:55 - What to look out for in your cannabis products and what is full spectrum CBD. 23:11 - Cannabis in relation to kids and pregnancy. 35:20 - Talking to an unsupportive partner about CBD/THC.

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