In this blog post, we got a chance to talk with Lindsey Corum, the founder of Cannabomz and host of the Cannamomz podcast! A cannabis enthusiast and mother, Lindsey shared her knowledge and gave us the inside scoop about a wide range of CBD products including what to avoid when buying cannabis products (they’re not all created equal!). As a mom herself, Lindsey has great knowledge of managing motherhood and cannabis, and we really enjoyed talking to her. Read on to learn some great tips from Lindsey!

In This Episode We Talk About

0:50 – Lindsey’s journey with cannabis and starting her business?

4:25 – What is CBD and how do topicals work with your system?

6:00 – How to choose quality products.

10:57 – How to use bath bombs.

13:10 – How to find the right product for your ailment.

19:55 – What to look out for in your cannabis products and what is full spectrum CBD.

23:11 – Cannabis in relation to kids and pregnancy.

35:20 – Talking to an unsupportive partner about CBD/THC.


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Hi everyone, I’m so excited to be talking with Lindsey today about all things CBD and wellness. I’m sure we’re probably going to go off on a bunch of different things about being a Canna-mom and cannabis business owner too. Lindsey Corum started her CBD company Cannabombz in 2016 after three years of caregiver growing in her home (we’ll explain the caregiver growing a little bit more later). She’s a proud mother of two boys, two and a half years, and two months old, and two bonus kids, a twelve year old boy and a nine year old girl. Lindsey advocates for cannabis and motherhood, and cannabis and pregnancy, on her social media through her business Cannabombz, as well as her podcast Cannamomz. So thank you so much for joining me, Lindsey. 

Hi, thanks for having me! 

So I would love to just hop right into it and talk about your journey and experience using CBD, and why you decided to build your business.

Yeah, absolutely. So I kind of came late to cannabis, I didn’t use it in high school or anything. I was kind of one of those people who thought that it was definitely a gateway drug and that I shouldn’t use it, and everything like that. And then I got to college, and I kind of just got a better perspective of what life is and that it was kind of no big deal, and the DARE program was lying. 

So when I was 19, I finally started to try out CBD and weed in general kind of got hooked. I liked it way more than drinking. And I was finding myself and my friends “we’d be like okay, well do you want to smoke before we go” and then we kind of just never went anywhere. We would pregame by smoking and then be like “this is way more fun than whatever the party is going to be.” So that’s how I got introduced to weed, with my best friend Matt and my boyfriend at the time. And then after that, something inside of me was like “what is this plant, I’ve never felt like this before.” I had a lot of childhood trauma growing up, and it really helped me with that kind of stuff too. And my health as well; I didn’t experience the horrible side effects of alcohol anymore. So that’s kind of how I was introduced to it. 

And then I actually made and sold edibles in college. And that’s how I travelled to Ireland and studied abroad, as well as my scholarship. And so ever since I was  introduced to it, I’ve kind of been in the game, I’ve been the plug. So then it just switched from doing it as a college student who wanted money, to “I can really help people.” I got my medical marijuana card through the state of Arizona in probably 2014. And then at the time they had a caregiver program, which was if you got approved to be a caregiver for yourself or other people you had a certain amount of plants you could grow based on how many people you were caregiving for. And so after I started growing it and learning even more about the plant, I fell even more in love with it. And we became a producer to the caregiver community in Arizona, myself and my boyfriend, and then one day I came home from teaching dance – another thing cannabis helped a lot with is my body after teaching dance and being a dancer, and I had a foot surgery from pointe shoes, those ballet shoes that and I use cannabis as my painkiller for that surgery as well. Anyway, after all of that we started going to dispensaries and noticed that people were starting to make like lotions, and I think there were like a couple bath bomb companies at the time. And my boyfriend looked up a recipe and threw it together, and I always say it looked like a bath bomb turd because we didn’t have any molds! I went and tried it out, and I could not believe the way I felt after – and Cannabombz was born.

Awesome. I love it. So for those that don’t know about CBD and how it interacts with your body, can you give us some basics. What is CBD? 

So cannabis has many different cannabinoids in it. CBD is one of them, and one of the more popular ones, but there’s also CBN, THCA – I could go on and on. There’s so many, we don’t even know how many there are. CBD is a cannabinoid that calms you down, it doesn’t have as many psychoactive effects. I don’t want to say it’s not psychoactive, because it doesn’t make you high, but it does interact with your brain, so it is psychoactive. 

But topicals work a little bit differently. When you’re using a CBD topical, it never enters your bloodstream. So you don’t get any of the brain or internal effects that CBD taken orally will give you, or smoking. It only has body effects. So muscles, tendons, ligaments, joints, skin. It just has incredible healing properties; the amount of reviews I’ve received from people – I still am floored to this day when I get a review from someone who suffers from an ailment that I haven’t heard about saying how much it helps them. I guess that’s the best way to describe it; I could go into scientific details, but it’s really just a healing plant.

Yeah, it helps in so so many ways. It’s really incredible. Now, you and I both know, with CBD products two are not necessarily the same. There is a big difference in terms of quality and that sort of thing. So what do you have to say about that? And how can people get the right kind of products in their hands? 

A huge thing that frustrates me so, so, so much in this industry is the milligram dosing. And that goes with gummies and stuff like that, too. If there was more scientific research, people would know. You’re not going to take 10 milligrams of Tylenol – you know what I mean? Those are like 200 milligram pills. So I would just be wary and do your research of milligram dosing. If anything is under 200 milligrams, and it’s going in a tub of water. It’s not enough. 

And so we’re talking topicals, and bath bombs, right?

Yes – and as far as ingesting it goes, I would start with about 10 to 20 milligrams if you’re a newbie, and see how that feels, and go on from there. When someone’s trying something for the first time, I always say “I know it sounds scarier, but smoking it is a little bit better.” When it comes to ingesting it or smoking it, I would go slower. And I would choose smoking, even though it seems scarier, because when you’re smoking something, you hit it and you feel it. When you’re eating something, you eat it and then you’re like, “oh, I don’t feel it yet,” and you eat another one. And you don’t feel it again, so you eat another one, which is fine with CBD, but it can get tricky with THC. 

Using CBD and smoking it, you can really gauge how much your body likes, how much you need. It’s also kind of expensive, so you don’t want to take too much and then need more right? Too much meaning price wise, not in your body wise. And then with topicals, higher is better. You cannot go wrong with getting a 5 million milligrams topical. So, I just really try to get that across to people, because I don’t want to bash other companies who are trying to make a difference and get CBD out there, and have 25 milligram bath bombs and 50 milligram salves and stuff like that. I understand that maybe they just don’t know that yet. But yeah, I wouldn’t buy anything under 200 milligrams, if it’s going in a bath or a salve or an oil or a lubricant. Just look for the higher dosages. And CBD costs a lot less than people think, and they pay big bucks for 25 milligrams. You’ve just gotta make sure that you’re getting the best bang for your buck. Do your research. Don’t just follow the influencer who’s buying the CBD and getting paid to promote it.

Yeah, and when it comes to online advertising and that sort of thing, you can tell the difference between someone who’s continuously recommending the same product compared to someone that’s just recommending things left, right and center for the pain. 

Yeah. And I just feel bad because I’ve heard from some people “oh, yeah, I’ve tried them before, but they didn’t work for me.” And I’m like, “well, where’d you get it and how much did it have in it? And did you stay in there long enough?” And you know, there’s a lot of factors – it’s not like Tylenol, where, like I said before, we just pop 200 milligrams and go on with our day. It could be, but they won’t do the research on it.

And it can be a bit of trial and error, and actually trying to find that research to find what works for you.

Something someone told me once on my podcast, (I think it’s episode three with cannasexual, Ashley Manta), she said to get a journal, and I think she even sells one. And you write down the strain you had, how much you had of it, or the gummy or whatever you’re doing, the topical, how it made you feel (because we tend to forget these things). Short term memory loss is a side effect of cannabis. Not CBD, but cannabis. You can do the journaling with non THC products. 

Especially as moms, we can’t remember shit. 

Yeah! What I had for breakfast yesterday, the lyrics to a theme song from a cartoon when I was five – I got that. I don’t remember how the edible made me feel from last week, you know? So journaling is a really good way for beginners to do that.

Definitely. That’s a really good tip that came up in another conversation with @SavvyStonedGirl, too. She always recommends patients do the journal, and see how it interacts, similar to a food journal: if you’re having digestive issues, doctors can get you to do that.

And then if it might even start a new habit for your journaling, which is also really healthy. 

Yeah, that’s true. I used to love journaling. And I’m trying to get back into it. It’s hard with kids because you’re so tired. So you’d mentioned the bath bombs before; how long do you sit in the bath? What’s a good amount of time to really let your body fully absorb?

I recommend 15 minutes or so. I mean, I’ve had people who are like I’ve been in here for two hours, I’m never getting out, you know? But I think after about 15 to 20 minutes, you at least have absorbed enough into your skin to get it into your muscles and stuff like that. And I know if it’s a warm bath and you get pruney it can get uncomfortable. 

So at least 15 minutes, and then it’s up to you from there.


Now are your products full spectrum CBD?

Yes – that’s another thing that is a biggie for me, is the cannabinoids in your CBD. So broad spectrum is everything except THC. And then CBD isolate is only CBD. But the best thing for you – there’s something called an entourage effect. And it’s when all the cannabinoids are working together to create one feeling. And that is what the full spectrum gives you. So you can ship up to 0.3% THC products. So that’s what we use, we use full spectrum CBD under the law of shipping. And I think it makes a big, big difference to have that THC in there. And like I said, it’s not getting into your blood, it’s not going to make you high, it’s not going to affect you in any other way. It’s just going to enhance all the other cannabinoids in full spectrum CBD.

Yeah, I like to think of it like vitamins; say you’re having certain kinds of vitamins that are for a specific vitamin, you might get some benefits from it. But compared to eating the full plant that’s rich in those vitamins and all the other nutrients and things like that, you’re gonna get so much more from it. So it’s really similar to choosing the CBD and going for the full spectrum.

Yeah, or some people have compared it to a recipe or a salad, right? You can eat just the spinach and the croutons, but it’ll taste better if you throw on some dressing and some vegetables you know?

Exactly. Now what are the different kinds of products you can use that are CBD products, and what are they good for particularly? You talked about bath bombs and I know you have salves and some other things. So what are the differences between them and what each one’s specifically good for?

So my favorite product, and our best seller topical-wise, is our 2500 milligrams salve. It’s only $35 which is the price of a 100 milligram item in a dispensary. It has full spectrum CBD, beeswax, all organic – everything is organic that I use. Coconut oil and essential oils.

So 4 ingredients? Or something like that. Nice and simple. 

Yeah, yeah. And so the CBD is in with the coconut oil as well – it’s like infused coconut oil, organic coconut oil. And that is just really good for people who are on the go. A lot of salves come in a thing that you hold and dip your hand into. and mine is more of like a rounder deodorant stick. 

Oh, that’s a good way to put it – I was gonna call it a giant chapstick! 

Yeah, it looks like an oversized chapstick and it’s really easy to apply, you just roll it up. Smells good, it’s not too strong. 

And then I also make roll-ons. We have four different roll-on types: for anxiety, headaches, insomnia, or tension. I also make lip balms, which is exactly what it sounds like: it helps keep your lips not chapped and moisturized, and it helps with the pain of chapped cracking lips. And then we also make lube, which I have heard amazing things from people with endometriosis.

I’ve been hearing more and more about the lube with CBD. 

Yeah, it’s coming around now. And then the last products we make are the bath bombs and fizz. And that’s for the tub, obviously. I get a lot of questions from people who don’t have bathtubs, and the salves and stuff is what I recommend for that. But you can’t really – I’ve also had people ask about shower steamers, but that wouldn’t really work, right? So those are the products we make. They’re all topicals and then I also sell some like Cannamom apparel and merch and stuff like that, to try to advocate more for cannabis and Parenthood.

Yeah. So what are the salves specifically good for? My husband gets a really sore shoulder just from being in trades for so long, is that something this could help with?

Absolutely. That’s like the number one thing it helps with is soreness, shakiness. But then, I’ve gotten reviews from people who are like “I’m literally crying right now, my grandma can walk. You have changed her life.” So it does everything from a little bit of psoriasis and eczema to, like, grandma can’t walk anymore. And I mean, if anybody watching this has a moment and wants to head to my Instagram page, I have reviews and salve highlights. And you can find numerous reviews of people just raving about the salve.

I’m curious, could it help with cramps?

Oh, it helps with cramps a lot. And the bath bombs help with cramps a lot too, because the water and the gravity and everything like that from the water, mixed with the CBD. But if you can’t take a bath, then yeah, just slather it on in your lower abdomen, and the lower back. I had to pick one thing that I could only sell, it’d be the salve. 

It’s just so multipurpose, you can do so much with it. 

Right. And it’s high milligrams. it’s 2500 milligrams, and I haven’t heard anything other than crying tears of joy from people.

It’s really incredible to see how something so seemingly simple, and only four ingredients but good quality, can make impacts on people, so much and in so many different ways.

And I gotta be honest, I had no clue what I was doing, helping people wise. I was like, “yeah, I love the cannabis industry. You know, I can be my own boss. This is awesome.” And then I started getting messages – someone used the tension roll on grandma’s hands that were arthritic, and they used the tension roll and she could straighten them. 

I know someone who could use that!

That was the first review that I ever got where I was like “I can actually like change the fucking world,” you know?  

So that’s how topicals work. And then I prefer using the full cannabis plant for consumption, so I don’t have the best CBD company for edibles, for tinctures. I get a lot of people messaging me like “what gummies should I get” and stuff, and I’m like, “girl, I don’t know,” you know? And go on with my day. So yeah, I wouldn’t know what other companies, besides my own, to recommend for CBD.

Now I’m curious just because I get asked this question a lot. What would be your go-to daytime toking strain?

I am an Indica girl. 

Me too. 

Sativa makes me anxious. So I smoke because I’m anxious, and I don’t want to be more anxious. So anything that’s like purple or fruity or Indica in any way. I honestly don’t care. Like I will notice, I’ll be like, “oh, this strain tastes a little bit better than those strains we’ve had previously.” But it doesn’t really matter to me as long as I can roll it and smoke it. I’m gonna do that and not get anxious. When I was pregnant, I used my vaporizer a lot. My volcano vaporizer – it’s a full plant vaporizer and you don’t get any of the tar, the carcinogenic from lightning or the butane – well, you can take that out with hemp wick, but you get my point. Just various ways the full plant matter can be consumed, really.

And that goes back to the full spectrum, where you get the full benefits.

Yeah, all the cannabinoids in one shot, the way it was intended, and set on fire. So that’s what I roll with. 

So you touched on ingredients a little bit and I think that’s a great thing to kind of dive into a little bit more, because I know some other CBD products and stuff like that can just be so loaded with things, just like our cosmetics and things like that. So what have you seen? What do you look out for?

So I’m actually allergic to sulfa, which is what a lot of companies use to get the bubbling effect of their bath bombs and stuff. I actually had a really, really terrible reaction to a CBD bath bomb that I tried from an event, before I had my company – like covered raised bumps, I thought I had rosacea, pityriasis rosea or something. Everyone told me that it was that, and then I came to find out the bath bomb I had used had sulfa in it, which is sulfates. 

Okay, yeah. So sulfates. I always try to stay away from it in shampoos and stuff, because it dries out my scalp.

It’s in your shampoo, it’s in your bath bomb. And it should not be, it can literally clean my car’s radiator out there right now. That’s how intense it is.

You don’t want that on your body

No. So I have all organic ingredients, I get my corn starch from a co-op, I have organic baking soda. And then citric acid is also organic – you can find all these ingredients on Amazon now. And then I use Nature’s Path essential oils, which are also organic. The coconut oil I use is organic, and the CBD comes from our grow. So we’re all vertically integrated. I know exactly what’s in my product. And that makes a huge difference. We don’t really realize that what we put on our bodies affects our moods and affects our health.

We can see just from your products how much it really does affect, and sometimes it’s more noticeable than others.

And I think you start to notice it once you take it out, right? Like once you stop eating sugar, then you realize how much sugar you’ve been eating. Right? It’s kind of like that: once you stop using those types of products, you realize how much you were using it and how it can really hinder your health. It’s a slow adverse effect, but it’s still there. Or you’re like me, and you’d have an allergic reaction and look like a swollen potato person. 

That’s the driving factor of my ingredients. And yeah, I wanted it to be safe for my kids to use, you know, I wanted to be able to use it while I was pregnant, and not have to worry, and be proud of what I’m making. I don’t want to have to say, “oh, just you know, that has sulfate in it.” So yeah, if I don’t use it, I won’t sell it. So that’s kind of how it goes around here.

Yeah, and that’s what most companies should be like, and you can generally tell, kind of following people on social media, reading the about page and that sort of thing, you can get the feel for it and really vote with your dollars in supporting those companies and using those products.

Yeah support home-based. organic ingredients using companies, because we need more of them. We don’t need any more big, suave companies anymore. 

So you kind of mentioned CBD products with kids and pregnancy. I think that’s a topic that comes up a lot – there’s a lot of fear, and not wanting to use CBD or anything cannabis related around kids because of course, there can be certain reactions with certain products consumed a certain way. But as it pertains to topicals and CBD. Let’s chat a little bit more about that.

Yeah, I’m always very confused when people are worried about that, because alcohol. I don’t know about you, but it’s much easier for my child to open a drink and take a sip than it is for my kids to find weed, grind it, roll it, and smoke it. 

Yeah, edibles is what I get concerned about. But like the actual flower – like, they’re not going to eat it.

You can’t even get that open! Like, I can’t even open it! If I can’t open it, my kid can’t open it. 

But yeah, my products are all safe for kids. CBD is absolutely safe for kids. I have a couple of people that I make products for their children, who have gotten doctors notes, or approved by their school, to bring my CBD product to their school because of their anxiety, or one person just emailed me and asked if I could make the salve in a chapstick tube so her kindergartener can take it to school with her and it won’t be so big. Yeah, so it’s absolutely safe for children. Obviously smoking THC isn’t, but actually putting it on their skin is still safe because like I said, it doesn’t enter the bloodstream. There’s no psychoactive effects, and all it does is enhance the other cannabinoids in the product because there’s so little THC. So my products are completely safe for pregnancy and children. My kids love the bath bombs. I often have to say “that’s enough” to my son because he takes all of mine. My daughter too. 

I could see it being helpful to help them kind of calm down at night too.

Oh, absolutely. It works the same on the kids as it works on us. So yeah, we like to use the lavender or the Sweetest Dreams bath bombs sometimes at night with him. And if he doesn’t want to go take a bath, I’ll be like, “you get to pick a bath bomb.” And he’s like, “oh, snap!” But it’s completely safe. All the stuff I explained before about how it enters your system and everything, it works the same for kids. They’re not more prone to the effects or anything like that. And for pregnancy, same thing. Even if you’re breastfeeding, you don’t have to worry about any of that stuff. That’s all stigmatization, and wives tales, and stuff the media has put into your head in order to sell their alcohol.

Yeah, exactly. And you even had a post out today that I thought was really good, about cannabis use in pregnancy and breastfeeding. And I know, personally, I’m very frustrated with the lack of information out there too. It’s frustrating.

I chose to consume through both my pregnancies, and I’m breastfeeding my two month old now. And through the 19 months, I breastfed my first son. Kind of like what I said in my post, when I found out I was pregnant, I was in the kitchen, and I started to cry. Because I was like, “what? I didn’t know that I was, I didn’t plan this.” We were trying but I didn’t know. And it just hit me, like what am I going to do about cannabis? 

So I did some research. And I did not like what I found. I could have taken zofran for the nausea, and risk my baby being born with a cleft palate, or I could go to the doctor and get an anxiety medication and risk my baby withdrawing when they’re born. Or I could smoke cannabis, and nothing would happen at all. So those are kind of the factors. I mean, you can do a lot more research on another page that I really like, and it’s also an interview on my podcast. Her name is Keira Fae Sumimoto, she runs Cannabis and Parenthood. And instead of just being an influencer and an advocate for it, what she does is she reads articles and puts out actual educational, informational articles herself, and puts them together to where it’s easier for you to access that information. So I would check out her page or her interview on my podcast if you’re interested in more information on that. 

I love her page. And you can look in the comments of her different posts and things like that, too, and really see a lot of other people’s experiences.

And then you can create a community and you feel like you’re not alone anymore, right? You feel like there’s these women all over the world, and look how many are involved and commenting on my page. The only thing we have is anecdotal evidence, which if you don’t know what that means, it means just research based on stories, right? They won’t scientifically research or test it. So the only way we can know how it works is anecdotal, which is how we used to do it. And before we had science, right – don’t eat that berry, George died when he ate that berry. And so that’s what we have with cannabis and pregnancy and breastfeeding. That’s all we have is each other. And so I’m so passionate about advocating for it. I run into some awkward situations with some parents and stuff when they see my social media, and I can tell that they’ve seen it, or they’ve said something to me that indicates they are judging me for my choices. But I’ll take that any day over not not having cannabis. And now that I have my online community of cannamoms – all of my friends smoke, and even the ones that are moms smoke. So I just think that there’s way more people out there doing it than we think. And that fear of the unknown is going to just ruin anything you’re planning. If you want to move somewhere and you’re scared to? Go. Just follow that gut and don’t let fear be the reason why you’re not taking care of your body.

Yeah, exactly. And I think a lot of the reason why people can be scared to be more open about cannabis use is just that fear of judgment. And I experience it almost every cannabis and motherhood post I do. There’s going to be one person, and you can tell they have some sort of past experience that has impacted why they’re saying this. But it’s just so harsh. And so your average person, that’s not as public with these things, there’s so much fear of judgment for these choices, but really there’s just so much misinformation out there and that’s why I put together my cannabis guide too; one of the studies that is in there, that I think is just a huge mind opening one, looked at the studies for cannabis and pregnancy over the last few decades, and looked to see how factual they actually are. And all of these studies weren’t factual.

They’re all based off of each other, which is the problem. They all reference each other.

Yes. And any margin of change, whether positive or negative, they’ll spin it towards its negative change. If you actually look at the numbers, no, it’s just because whoever’s paying to do the study wants them to go a certain way.

Right. You can’t do research without researching who’s doing the research. Which is so overwhelming. So I understand why you wouldn’t – there just needs to be a lot of change. I think we’re at the beginning of that, I really do. 

Yeah, I think so too. 

And so because we’re raising our children the way we are, they’ll grow up thinking like us, and it’ll be a completely different world for them.

Exactly. Yeah. And I’m having all these interviews and talks like this, it’s really bringing me hope for this next generation, and we’re being so open and factual about the conversations we’re having with them. I feel like they’re just gonna be set up so well.

Right? Yeah, absolutely. Like my kids even know that there’s a stigma, right? Like my daughter – I was just telling my assistant – my daughter put my work stickers on her tablet. And her brother, my 12 year old, made a comment about how “oh, you’re gonna get in trouble for having those stickers on there because they have weed leaves on them.” So he knows that it’s okay, but he also knows some people don’t think it’s okay. And I think when I grew up, it was bad, right? If you did it, you were bad. If I smelled it around someone, that person was bad.

So it’s already like that, even though he’s 12. So my two month old will still even have more information and everything like that. But he’s even realizing that there’s a stigma even though we’ve raised him, we’ve smoked in front of him. He was three and a half when I started dating his father. And like he’s literally changed the watering systems, he has trimmed a plant, he is all encompassing in this cannabis stuff. But he still made a comment about the weed leaf. I think by the time my two year old is 12, I don’t know if that’ll be such a thing. Right? 

Yeah, hopefully. 

And then it’ll just be interesting to watch that happen.

It will be. And the DARE program can be such a good program from the alcohol and drinking and driving side, but we need to kind of look at these different programs and things that are teaching kids in schools on such a wide basis, and be like “no, that’s not actually factual, lets get some real information.”

I think DARE finally, a few months ago – because I think someone on my podcast told me – I think they dropped it. They finally dropped cannabis from the dare program. At least wherever that state was, or here. But that’s another huge thing, right? It’s not a gateway drug. In fact, it keeps you from doing other drugs, I’d like to argue. I’ve never done anything else besides cannabis. And it’s because I feel like I don’t need to, I found what I need. I don’t feel like “oh, let me go try some coke, now that I’ve tried weed.”

I feel like alcohol is more of a gateway drug than weed is. 

Absolutely. The only time I’ve ever smoked a cigarette was when I was drunk, the only time I’ve ever done anything stupid was when I was drunk. When I’m high? No.

You’re nice, you’re chill – you want to eat. 

I don’t make bad health decisions or life decisions. 

Is there anything else you want to add about CBD or just cannabis and parenting?

If you’re struggling to find a community, head on over, come be my friend. My DMs are always open. We have sales often – if you’re looking to try CBD for the first time a topical is a really easy way to get you into being comfortable with the plant. Try a salve and then maybe a gummy, then try smoking it. I just really want to be helpful to anybody who needs it – and stuff like magazines are starting to come out. I’m seeing it everywhere. Yeah, my best advice for anybody in the industry or looking to even just start with CBD is that education is power. Do your research, make your own decisions. Don’t listen to me. Don’t listen to Jannine. You know, listen to yourself.

That actually reminded me of something that had come up. Do you have anything to say for people where maybe their partner is very resistant and doesn’t want to use CBD or see it around, but the other person sees the benefits of it? 

I’m pretty sure if your partner is not for it, and they were sick and needed it, they’d probably use it. Open communication about it, education – There’s a lot of mis-education out there. I don’t understand how anybody with the proper education could say anything negative about it, honestly. 


That seems like more of a relationship problem, I would say, rather than a cannabis problem, because if you can’t openly communicate… You’re in charge of your own body, it doesn’t matter how much your partner doesn’t want you to do it. I would suggest maybe looking into why you’re with your partner, if they don’t want you to be happy and healthy.

It’s all about communication, and then fact based information. I feel like in any kind of supportive, healthy relationship, when you can talk about things and present evidence and understand each other’s point of view, you’re going to come to a mutual agreement.

And if you’re pregnant, and like they’re upset because it’s their baby too – I mean, again, just the education, right? I truly think anybody with a frickin brain in their head would come around. If not, it’s just stigmatization, and they just don’t know how to let go of that.

And if so, maybe they’ll be able to see and learn from you.

So like I said before, just don’t ever let fear be the reason why you’re not taking care of your body.

I completely agree. So make sure you check out Lindsey on Instagram @CannaBombs as well as Kira at  Cannabis and Parenthood. And then I also have my Mom’s Cannabis Guide, which has a bunch of information about cannabis, the endocannabinoid/cannabinoid system, and then pregnancy and research and that sort of thing, too.

Can we talk about that for a second? Because half the people that I interview and talk to say, cannabinoids (can-a-bin-oids), and then half the people say cannabinoids (cana-bin-oids).

Yeah, I know! I actually saw you talking about that! Right? I think cannabinoid (can-a-bin-oid)?

I always said cannabinoids (cana-bin-oids), like sounding it out myself, in my head, reading it. And then I started to do my podcast Cannamomz and I started to interview people who had more education on it than I did. And all of those people say cannabinoids (can-a-bin-oids). 

Okay, so maybe I’m doing it right? 

Yeah, so I think we got it, because I was in cannabinoids (cana-bin-oids) and now I say cannabinoids (can-a-bin-oids), and I think the latter, not the former, is correct.

Yeah but like the first way kind of makes sense, cuz you go can-na-bis, so can-na-bin-oid. I know. 

So I was self conscious for a while too. I’d be like “uh, the, well – the properties of the cannabis plant.” Now I’m like can-na-bin-oids, can-na-bin-oids. 

Yeah, can-na-bin-oids! 

Anyways, see, we’re all still learning.

Exactly. And there’s so much information, it’s such an evolving topic. With legalization, I’m really hopeful that within the next 10 or so years, we’re gonna have access to so much more information than we do right now. But it’s just constantly learning and seeking out that information.

Yeah. Yeah. So I just had to laugh at that, because I saw you thinking about how to say it after you saw me saying it. And I’m like, “oh, crap. What did I say?” It was a whole internal dialogue.

I almost have to picture it, it’s a tricky word. 

Well, thanks for having me. This was so much fun. And I look forward to seeing the other interviews you’ve done!

Yes. There’s a lot of great things lined up. And thank you so much for your time and chatting with me. And yeah, I’ll leave all the links in the notes so everyone can check it out. 

Yeah, let me know. Have a fabulous Wednesday! 

You too!


We had a fantastic time talking with Lindsey, and we hope you enjoyed reading! Make sure to check out Lindsey’s website Cannabombz and her wide variety of products – we’re sure you’ll find something amazing! She also talks about some very interesting stuff on her podcast Cannamomz, so definitely check that out for more information! Thanks again for reading, and keep an eye out for more blogs in our cannabis series!