Motherhood is something that brings so many changes into our lives and can leave us questioning our consumption of cannabis. We’ve all dealt with someone’s opinion on cannabis and pregnancy, and it can be really scary to openly talk about. That’s why today we’re talking with Kala Sanmartin from The Cannabis Nurses to bring you the fact based information you deserve to know!

In this episode we’re going to talk about cannabis use during pregnancy and labour, coming equipped to your doctor’s appointment with proper cannabis knowledge, and how to critically examine the studies that come up in research. There’s so much information out there that is biased or lacking in some way, so it’s incredibly important to know how to analyze it. We’re really looking into all the stigma that surrounds cannabis use and pregnancy and how to get past it to know what’s right for you and your situation.

Kala is a registered nurse who aims to help women empower themselves with cannabis knowledge and to help make those tough decisions a little easier, so I’m super excited for her to share her knowledge with us. This episode had so much great information and advice, and Kala is so amazing at helping other women to have a voice in their pregnancy. This is such a great topic so make sure to head over to the UM Club Facebook group after to discuss!

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Guest Expert

Kala owns an independent practice and is a holistic cannabis nurse coach helping women explore how cannabis can help them achieve overall health and wellbeing. She is also passionate about educating other nurses about the therapeutic uses of cannabis.

In This Episode We Talk About

00:21 - Who is Kala?
03:55 - Why might someone be interested in using cannabis during pregnancy?
05:20 - The risks of consuming cannabis while pregnant
09:44 - What to look out for in cannabis studies.
13:52 - Mitigating risk.
20:12 - The risks surrounding the legal and social aspects of cannabis use.
30:52 - Using cannabis in labour.
35:30 - Avoiding the stigma in the doctor's office.
41:54 - Where to find Kala!

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