Cannabis Strains

Next up in our Cannabis 101 blog series, we’re talking about the three cannabis strains – Sativa, Indica, and Hybrid. While new research has moved experts away from focusing on the type of plant (indica, sativa, and hybrid) and more towards terpenes and cannabinoids. Now many dispensaries refer to strains as something that gives you a “Sativa feel”, “Indica feel,” and “Hybrid feel” which is the language we’ll use here. 

Now, these three different strains can be broken down into some pretty broad categories. Keep in mind that these are generalizations, and might not be exactly true for everyone who tries them.

Indica Feeling Strains

To break it down, Indica Feeling Strains kind of acts like a sedative and can make you feel sleepy. This strain can make you feel really relaxed and help you get to sleep, so many people who choose this strain will use it at night to help them chill out and improve sleep. Indica feeling strains are particularly good for people who have anxiety because they don’t have the anxious effect many people find with Sativa. Overall, these strains are going to make you sleepy and relaxed.

Sativa Feeling Strains

Sativa Feeling Strains have more of an energizing effect and can make you feel more awake. If you need to have a really productive day and get some motivation, this is the strain for you. Sativa feeling strains can also help with relaxation but lack the sleepy effect of Indica. The biggest drawback to Sativa feeling strains is that they can heighten anxiety, especially in people who already experience it. Sativa feeling strains are going to give more of that energetic high that’s great for getting things done.

Hybrid Feeling Strains

Lastly, we have the Hybrid Feeling Strain. Though the name of this strain really gives itself away, a Hybrid feeling strain really is exactly what it sounds like – a hybrid between Indica and Sativa that can limit or enhance the effects of each. Hybrid feeling strains can give you the energizing feeling of Sativa without the anxiety or can relax you like the Indica but not knock you out. Hybrid feeling strains can range from what effect they’ll make you feel, so make sure you talk with your dispensary about which is going to work best for you. All of these strains contain different ratios of THC and CBD that we talked about in the last blog, and the combination of these cannabinoids and terpenes is what differentiates the three types of strains. Keep in mind that with all of these, you should start with small doses and figure out what’s best for you!

And now we’ve covered all three categories of strains of cannabis! Understanding the differences between the three can help you make a decision on what you want to try and what will probably work best for you. Next up we’re going to be talking about how you consume Cannabis, so make sure to check that out if you want some tips and information on how it’s done and what the safest option for you is!

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