Cancer is something most of us don’t want to talk about, but it's something that will most likely touch all of our lives in some way. Especially for us moms, it can be a really scary thought as to what happens if cancer does touch our immediate family. To learn more about dealing with cancer as a parent, and how self-care and proper nutrition can help prevent it, we’re talking to Erin Soto, cancer survivor and author of The Mother of All Fights.

In this episode, we’re covering Erin’s battle through colon cancer, and everything that helped her while she was fighting it. Not only are we talking about making it through cancer, we’re also talking about preventative measures, keeping a positive mindset throughout, and even how cannabis can really help people with treatment. 

Erin is passionate about sharing her story and helping other people who may be going through cancer or have someone they love going through it, which made this a truly fantastic and heartfelt interview. We talked about so many great things, and I really think you’re going to love hearing Erin’s story. We’re going to have a great discussion after the episode over on the UM Club Facebook page, so make sure to join us there after!

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Guest Expert

Erin Soto is a motivational speaker, author, wellness activist and Stage 3 cancer survivor. Upon receiving her life-changing diagnosis, and throughout her treatment and recovery, Erin dedicated herself to making meaningful and sustainable changes to improve her physical, mental, and spiritual well-being. With her personal experiences in hand, she is now committed to helping others take charge of their health. She lives in Southern California with her husband and four children. The Mother of All Fights is her first book.

In This Episode We Talk About

00:28 - Who is Erin Soto?
03:14 - Colon cancer awareness.
7:57 - Signs and symptoms of colon cancer.
11:58 - The rise of colon cancer in young adults
13:20 - Cancer and diet.
22:14 - The pillars of health.
28:05 - Lifestyle changes.
34:53 - Going through cancer as a parent.
43:02 - How we can support people going through cancer.
55:52 - Where to find Erin!

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