Financial freedom is something that we all want, but might not know how to get. In this episode we’re talking to Melissa Rogers from Self-Made Mama about how to make work fit the lifestyle we want after having kids. It can be really hard to step out of the caregiving roles we feel like we need to be in, but doing something we love and being able to make our own income with the flexibility we want can be really empowering!

Throughout this chat, we’ll talk about the taboos around money and childcare, and the super important shifts in our mindset that can help us to grow and succeed. Financial empowerment isn’t just about money- it’s about us having the power to do what we want, and make money the way we want to. Melissa is not only a business owner, she’s also a mom, and she gets the struggles we often face. This was such an interesting and informative chat, so make sure to go give it a read and listen, and I’ll see you over at the UM Club Facebook page after to discuss!

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Guest Expert - Melissa Rogers

Melissa from Self-Made Mama is here to show busy moms like you how to start and grow an incredible online business that allows you to live life on your own terms- without all the tone deaf “girl boss” advice that completely ignores the practical responsibilities and mental load you’re already carrying. She’s an entrepreneur and online business coach, that brings weekly deep dives into the marketing strategy, money-making mindset, and simplified business management that will unlock the business you want, and the life you’re dreaming about.

In This Episode We Talk About

00:20 - Who is Melissa?
07:54 - What challenges are women facing right now in terms of money and money mindset?
14:11 - What options and encouragement can we give new moms who are going back to work?
19:07 - Our mindset around childcare and how to change it.
27:30 - The taboo around money.
31:20 - Changing our mindset on money.
39:28 - Where to find Melissa!

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