Mortgages are often a necessary part of all of our lives, and we can be left in the dark about our different options for managing it around our finances, lifestyles, and personalities. That’s why today we’re talking with Rebecca Casey from Custom Coast Mortgages about what a mortgage is and how we can make it work for us. Rebecca is a certified mortgage broker who really knows her shit, so make sure to check her out! 

Besides the fact that a mortgage is a house loan, we generally aren’t taught a lot about equity, variable and fixed rate options, interest rate factors, etc. In this episode, we dived into what you should look out for when looking into mortgages, what kind rate is best for you based on your personality type (hint, there’s fixed payment options for variable terms to give type A’s a bit more flexibility), and so much more. Learning about finances helps to empower us and set us up for the future, and this episode will really help us all to learn.

This episode had so much good information in it, and we’re sure you’ll keep coming back to listen to what Rebecca shared with us. We not only covered what a mortgage actually is and how it works, but some really great tips and tricks for incorporating your mortgage in your big financial plan, so make sure to come back to this episode before looking into your own mortgage!

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Guest Expert

Rebecca is a mom to two girls (5 and 7) and has been a mortgage broker for 5 years. She has a team of 4 and they process 250 mortgages per year. Rebecca’s primary niche is families who are already in the market and want to uplevel their financial game. She is all about everything mortgage related, and wants to help people with their household finances and the growth and challenges associated with raising a family and moving ahead.

In This Episode We Talk About

00:22 - Who is Rebecca?
01:33 - What is a mortgage broker?
05:41 - Getting a mortgage, different term options, and other mortgage basics.
09:23 - Other qualifiers for a mortgage and extra insurance.
16:19 - Getting a downpayment the non-traditional way.
21:56 - Pulling equity out of your home.
24:39 - Mortgage rates and what to look for.
35:56 - Renewal and renewing your mortgage.
38:51 - When you should or shouldn’t refinance.
45:23 - Resources from Rebecca and where to find her!

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