Manifestation can be something that we write off as being fake or just good luck, but the practices around it have a lot of scientific backing. Today we’re here with Nicole McLellan from My Aligned Purpose, looking at all things manifesting! The Queen of Manifesting, Nicole knows how to help us get what we want - even if it’s something hard to imagine. Manifesting can feel a little silly to us, but it can really help us to achieve the things we’ve been wanting, and this episode was so helpful in teaching us how to do that. 

Now I know what you may be thinking, how is imagining what I want going to help me get it? Turns out there’s so much more to manifestation than just thinking about what you want. In this episode we talked about meditation, journaling, scripting - we even learned how Nicole manifested her dream partner! Taking the time out of your day to work on what you want, and manifest what you desire, is truly so empowering. I loved talking with Nicole this week and I know you’ll love listening to what we chatted about! Once you’re done reading and listening to this week’s episode, make sure to come over to the UM Club Facebook page to discuss everything!

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Guest Expert

We’re Nicole and Kaila, two passionate coaches who work with women entrepreneurs to accelerate their purpose, potential and profit. Through our Coffee Club Membership, virtual courses and transformative coaching experiences, we support you to take action and get aligned with your true purpose. Join our community and expand the boundaries of what’s possible for your business, your life and your money.

In This Episode We Talk About

00:48 - Who is Nicole?
06:46 - What is manifesting?
14:00 - Manifesting money and getting past the mental blocks around it.
19:29 - Feeling worthy to receive good things.
26:49 - Manifesting our goals and having a clear mindset.
29:40 - Manifesting the perfect partner?
39:05 - Nicole’s recommended practices for manifestation.
44:04 - Where to find Nicole and My Aligned Purpose! 

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