Manifestation can be something that we write off as being fake or just good luck, but the practices around it have a lot of scientific backing. Today we’re here with Nicole McLellan from My Aligned Purpose, looking at all things manifesting! The Queen of Manifesting, Nicole knows how to help us get what we want – even if it’s something hard to imagine. Manifesting can feel a little silly to us, but it can really help us to achieve the things we’ve been wanting, and this episode was so helpful in teaching us how to do that. 

Now I know what you may be thinking, how is imagining what I want going to help me get it? Turns out there’s so much more to manifestation than just thinking about what you want. In this episode we talked about meditation, journaling, scripting – we even learned how Nicole manifested her dream partner! Taking the time out of your day to work on what you want, and manifest what you desire, is truly so empowering. I loved talking with Nicole this week and I know you’ll love listening to what we chatted about! Once you’re done reading and listening to this week’s episode, make sure to come over to the UM Club Facebook page to discuss everything!

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In This Episode We Talk About

00:48 – Who is Nicole?
06:46 – What is manifesting?
14:00 – Manifesting money and getting past the mental blocks around it.
19:29 – Feeling worthy to receive good things.
26:49 – Manifesting our goals and having a clear mindset.
29:40 – Manifesting the perfect partner?
39:05 – Nicole’s recommended practices for manifestation.
44:04 – Where to find Nicole and My Aligned Purpose! 

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Episode 45 featuring Unapologetic Motherhood’s Jannine Mackinnon 

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Hello and welcome to another episode inside the Unapologetic Moms Club. Today we are digging into all things manifesting with the master manifester Nicole McLellan from My Aligned Purpose. Thank you so much for being here with us today. 

Hi, Jannine. Thanks for having me. So looking forward to chatting with you again! 

Me too. Yeah, for those listening, I was actually on Nicole’s podcast a few months ago. And that was a really fun conversation, and I’m really looking forward to exploring this topic with you here. 

Yeah. Likewise, it’s always easy to talk to you. And I had such great feedback when everybody listened to what you had to share. Yeah, thank you for having me here today. 

So let’s get right into it. Who are you? What do you do? Why are you so passionate about it? 

Well, I would say that I am a very proud dog mom. And I’m a full-time entrepreneur, which was a dream for a really long time. And I am co-CEO and founder of My Aligned Purpose. And I actually started this through starting a podcast at the very, very, very beginning of the pandemic. So I had in January of 2020, called a psychic, wanted to reach out to my grandma. And he just kept saying, “the message that I’m getting is that you need to do the Artist’s Way from Julia Child. I don’t know if you’ve ever done that. But it’s a 12 week, self-study workbook. And the premise is once a week you take yourself – like only you, it can’t involve anybody else – on a date. And seven days a week for 84 four days, you journal three pages in the morning before you do anything else. And apparently magic will come through. 

So I was super committed. And right away, the message that I got that I had never gotten before was create a podcast, create a podcast, and I was like, what would I talk about? What would I name it? How do people do that? And the answers just kept getting more clear and more clear. 

And so my birthday is – I just found out Jannine’s a March baby, I’m also a March baby, March 25. So by that point in time, I was maybe like, I don’t know, 60 or 70 days into this writing. And I thought “I’m going to release the podcast on my birthday.” So I created an episode. I remember walking around Vic West, and asking, “what can I name this thing? I don’t know.” And then it just landed: My Aligned Purpose. 

And I got really clear on what that felt for me, like when I’m fully in alignment, and I understand what that means truly now, before it was kind of just like a term. Now I understand that I am a vibrational being, what it means when I’m in alignment with my highest vibration, and that my purpose is ever-changing. And so what is my purpose right now, in this season of life? How can I align myself to it? My Aligned Purpose.

And that was the beginning of the podcast. And then a couple months later, after coaching back and forth with Kaila, who’s co-CEO of the company with me, I said, “I’m gonna do this free workshop and see if anybody would like to sign up.” I didn’t realize so many people had been following my journey of me talking about manifesting, and I’ve always been pretty good at manifesting. So one day, I made an Instagram post and I said, “hey, thinking about doing a free class on manifesting, if anybody’s interested, send me a DM.” Well, 80 people sent me a DM and then 150 people registered for the free class. And I was like, “what is happening?” I’ve never talked about manifesting in a conversation, just always my own thing. But apparently, you know, the thing is you never know who’s watching. 

So I did this manifesting class and what we realized – when I say we, Kaila was in it a student with me – is that everybody was either wanting to manifest things that required money to buy, or they were straight up wanting to manifest money. And so I didn’t consider myself the Money Queen, I’m the Manifesting Queen. Kaila’s the Money Queen. So we just said, “what would happen if we created a course together and offer it to this group of 150 people?” Well, half of them signed up. And from there we were like, “okay, is My Aligned Purpose our business? Do we need to get the domain? What is happening?” And we’ve never stopped. 

So we’ve just been full-on. And at the time I used to be a coach for another company. So now I coach fully, content create, teach, and mentor with My Aligned Purpose, full time, and I love doing this work because I know that naturally I’m a teacher. I used to teach high school and junior high and I love teenagers and I loved that work. But I didn’t love the curriculum that I had to teach. And I didn’t love the politics. So what I know to be true is when I can show somebody else how to shine in their strengths, not point out not what they’re good at. But say, “hey, Janine, you’re really, really good at opening up effective conversations with moms, let’s lean into that.” Not, you know, “you’re not really good at painting. So we need to figure out how to make you a better painter.” 

And so when I realized my gift is to take people in what they like to do and what they’re a little bit good at, and make them shine in it, it just made sense to coach and teach in my own way. And so I would say that’s where I am today. 

I love that. And that story is just so you as well, and just how everything came into alignment. And I didn’t realize that the company was that young. And that’s how it started, is right at the beginning of the pandemic. 

Yeah, yeah, pre-pandemic, I was substitute teaching here in Victoria, like with SD 61, and coaching for another company. And I actually had my own nonprofit, but I couldn’t figure out how to run it. And so I kind of felt like I was in the hamster wheel of I want something bigger and more fulfilling and better. And once the message was like, “start the podcast, it will lead to something,” that was so true. 

Mm hmm. And such a great example of just really tuning into yourself and your desires and manifesting them to fruition. 

Yeah, yeah, exactly. 

So alright, what is manifesting and NLP?

Great question. Manifesting, I like to say to people, because some people are like, “I don’t like manifesting, it’s not real.” Like, okay, let’s just call it the focus of your thoughts, if you don’t like the term manifesting. Manifesting for me, and how I like to support people to experience manifesting, is noticing what you’re focusing on over and over again. Are you focusing on the fact that you’re hungry? Are you focusing on a black car? Are you focusing on wanting a baby? Like whatever you focus on, you are starting to create a chemical reaction in your body, and the chemical reaction produces a feeling, an emotional state. And that emotional state carries a vibration. 

And so if anybody is listening right now, and they’re like, “what do you mean by that?” It’s as simple as understanding when you open up a door to a party, if you walk into a room, if everybody is thinking “I’m having a good time,” then the emotional response that they’re having is like joy and abundance and happy and they’re feeling that way. You open up the room, and nobody would have to say anything, you would just feel “oh, everybody in here is having a good time.” We know that. And if everybody was in a room, gossiping, worrying, it was like something tragic had happened, and there was that emotional state happening. And the thoughts that people were having were worrisome thoughts, and you open up the door, and without asking anybody, “what are you talking about?” You would feel the density of that vibration. It’s not that they’re bad, they’re just lower vibrations. Of course, we’re going to feel fear, worry, shame, all those things. 

And it’s harder to manifest from a lower vibrational state. So some people worry, “well, what if I’m always worrying? Am I going to manifest more worry?” Over time, maybe, yes. But from a place of worry, and fear, and shame, our vibration is kind of low, it’s not really extending outwards. So if you think about your vibration as a magnet, it’s really hard to attract from that low vibrational state. When we are in abundance, joy, happiness, gratitude, our magnet is shining out. It’s like “I’m here, you’re there. I say something, you’re attracted to what I say. And now we’ve manifested the experience.” 

So I like to just remind people that manifesting is noticing what you’re focusing on in your thoughts, see how it creates a chemical response in your body – that’s your emotion, whatever you want to name it. And from that emotional place, you become a magnet of vibrational match to what it is that you are thinking and feeling about. 

Mm hmm. 

So if you are thinking and feeling about wanting a particular job, the really good manifesters remove the do. So there’s the do half in a typical state of manifesting, who are you being, what are you going to do about it so that you can have it really good. Really good manifesters understand the vibration of their emotion and can remove the do. So what am I being? I am being in highest alignment, I am being in gratitude, I am being abundant. And I’m thinking about this dream job opportunity that I would like to have. And without going on to LinkedIn or whatever, without doing the do, my vibration matches, you may all of a sudden hear somebody say, “oh, you know what, we’re looking for this manifesting coach,” and I haven’t went on and applied to anything. And all of a sudden, I come into your mind, and you reach out to me and say, “hey, I’ve got this opportunity, it hasn’t really been spoken about.” And I’ve not had to do anything but sit back and be in my truest alignment. And now I have the opportunity. 

That’s where people would call it miracles or luck. And it’s not, it’s that you are attracting from a vibrational state – that is manifesting. 

Mm hmm. I love that. 

Yeah. And it’s just getting people to notice what are you fixating your thoughts on? And if you’re fixating on something that doesn’t feel good, can we – if you don’t have something good in your life to focus on, can we make up something? So that’s where we dream, imagine, visualize, so that we can direct our thoughts to what we do want, and not keep fixating on what we have and don’t want, or what we don’t have and don’t want. 

Mm hmm. And I do want to clarify with eliminating the do, because I think that’s kind of what some people struggle with with manifesting is like, “oh, just writing something, and it’s just gonna happen,” like you need to actually do the work. And you do need to do some work, being in alignment with yourself and doing the work that you love that contributes to what you are manifesting and attracting. 

Yes, thank you for clarifying that. So I guess we could look at do and the action in a more aligned way. So there’s 12 universal laws, everyone knows law seven, its law of attraction – that’s manifesting, the secret law of attraction. But there’s six laws that come before that. And the third law is the law of action. So we need law of action before law of attraction, and law of action in that scenario that I just shared could have been me talking about, “I really want this manifesting opportunity,” but I haven’t actually went on and applied for it. I haven’t done maybe the more nitty gritty work. But somewhere down the line, I’ve had a conversation with you, I’ve done the action of sharing that this would mean a lot to me. And then that’s why you think of me in that opportunity. 

So yes, we can’t just create a vision board and sit back and expect miracles to unfold. But the doing can be in alignment, the doing can be in having a fun conversation, in going out and volunteering. The thing that I kept thinking of is putting ourselves on a hamster wheel and working to the grunt – there doesn’t have to be the hustle. 

Exactly. And when we can kind of step back from focusing on the doing while still taking action, we open ourselves up to different kinds of opportunities. Because I find if we’re really focusing on the doing, I’m going to get this particular job, and like focusing and doing the applications, you kind of close yourself off from the different kinds of opportunities that could be coming. 

Yeah, absolutely. We are human beings that do things, we’re not human doings. So it’s important to keep coming back to who am I being, which is my feeling state, and from that feeling state is your attraction point. So if I’m sitting here and I’m on the computer job searching all day, but not enjoying that, then I’m probably going to get a job where I’m sitting around on a computer all day not enjoying it, because I’m attracting from my being state. 

Mm hmm. Absolutely. So with that in mind, I know like manifesting money is something you guys talk about all the time and is a very common goal for manifesting. So with that in mind, say someone who is in debt and wanting to manifest a more abundant life, but they do feel like their thoughts are more focused on the debt and the lack. How can we work to reframe those and push past those to change our vibrational energy?

Hmm, yeah. And, you know, this is a really great point because we really want people who arrive at our door to know that they don’t have to be like in the black. They don’t have to not have any debt to come work with us. You know, I myself graduated with over $80,000 of student loan debt. So I know what carrying a lot of debt feels like and the fear and the worry that comes with that. So that’s why the very first pillar of our program is the energy of money. 

This is like my baby in the course – and we make it the first pillar because the work is sequential, we build off of each one, and getting people to truly understand that money is energy, it carries an energy, it’s not a tangible thing. I could pick up this piece of paper here and say, “what do you think about this piece of paper,” and you might not have too much to say about it. And this is no different than me holding a $10 bill in terms of its just paper, it’s the energy that we put behind the bill. 

So when we get people to start to notice how they feel in the presence of money, or lack thereof, and notice how much emphasis they’re putting on the energy of money, and the chemical response, once again, that that’s creating in their body, then we can start to change people’s relationships with money, even if it’s not in their bank account yet. And from that place of understanding that I don’t have to be afraid to open my bills, I don’t have to be nervous that my debt is accumulating, or I’ve got five credit cards, or whatever the situation may be. Once we can change that “I’m not a bad person, it’s okay. Money is always circulating, there’s more of it to go around,” then people shift how they feel about money. 

And that’s once again where the “miracles” occur. You know, Uncle Bob calls you up and says, “hey, I actually had an inheritance for all my nieces and nephews, you want some money?” and you’re like, “I didn’t even know Uncle Bob had any money.” Because you weren’t open to the idea that money is energy and could come from anywhere – people get so fixed on “well, I make $4,000 a month. And so I can only work with that $4,000.” And then they close themselves off to all of the other spaces and places that money can show up in your life. So I would say to somebody who is in debt, or has a fear around money, or they don’t talk to their partner about money, whatever, we’ve heard it all, truly. So come with us and explore the modules. 

So we go through four modules, starting with money is energy. And when you’ve mastered that, when we say, “okay, you get to graduate and go to the next module, you know truly what that feels like,” then we go to the clarity that you have around money. So you have to understand what you want with your money. Because if I made $10,000 a month, and you made $10,000 a month, it doesn’t mean we want the same things with our $10,000. And a lot of people have this elusive, “oh, if I just had a million dollars.” Okay, what would you do with it? Do you do your taxes right now, when you make $60,000? Do you budget well, do you understand where your money’s going? What the hell is going to happen when you’re making 1 million? So we’ve to get really clear on what that person wants with their money. 

So we do the energy of money, we get clear on what you want, we really have to identify limiting beliefs and blocks around money. And that’s where the NLP comes in. So NLP is Neuro-Linguistic Programming. This is where it’s like our subconscious mind, which is like our inner-programming is ruling all of our decisions, and most people don’t even know it until I have pointed it out to them. So I can work with people in the group setting to point out like, “oh, did you realize you just said this or that your body just responded this way, when we said XYZ about money?” And when we can point that out, not make it good or bad, just like, “hey, is that kind of limiting you from where you could go?” Then we remove the limiting blocks. 

And then the last one, and this came from study and exploration of people that we’ve been working with, is worthiness. So we can do all this work, we can get clear, we can understand the money’s energy, we can ditch the limiting beliefs – and then women are still like, “am I worthy of living in this house? Am I worthy of making this much, of charging this much, of upping my prices?” And so we really hone in and close it all off in such a powerful way, with understanding your worth is not determined by your net worth. And you are worthy, whether that job pays you or not, and really getting into the feeling state of that. 

Yes. And that’s a common theme that we have within the community for Mom Truth Mondays, is that worthiness, and feeling like if they are – say they’ve taken a step back from work or they’re building a small business while staying at home with their babies, it’s really hard to kind of reclaim that worthiness, especially when you’ve left a job where you are making more money. And we do tend to equate a certain amount of worthiness with bringing in a certain paycheck and so it takes a lot to really shift our mindset that we do have worthiness through who we are as a person, what we put out there, how we’re raising our kids. It comes from so many different things that aren’t necessarily that income we bring in. 

Yeah, absolutely. And you know, I am always like, “let’s end the patriarchy,” but it is a patriarchal view to say like, okay, when women leave the job, and they’re at home, which is arguably the most important job, now they’re less than. But if we look at it from like, say, an indigenous matriarchal point of view, women were always the rulers of the longhouse. The women who were at home made the big important decisions. And I think there’s something to be said about that. So we’re not there as a society, where we’re going into a matriarchal way of politics or governing, but when we can be sovereign, women can be sovereign and say, “you know what, I am enough, and I am worthy to charge this, to ask this, to ask my husband to give me two hours so I can go work on the thing that fuels me up whether I ask for a paycheck from it or not.” I think we all need to come back to that remembering.

It’s in us to go, “yeah, I create, and I get to breastfeed, and I get to cook dinner. And if I want to go to the office for five hours, I get to do that too.” And it’s in the asking of “is this okay,” and having a group of women say, abso-fucking-lutely.

Yes. And I think collectively, there is a shift with – this conversation actually seems to come up in almost every episode. Whoever is on is like, “oh, fucking patriarchy,” and it ties into what we’re talking about. And collectively, I do feel this shift within women and reclaiming our power, and taking things back and reclaiming our worthiness. And that’s something I’ve even struggled with as I’ve been building my business through having babies. 

I took a step back in December, with a co-working group I’m with in a society, and we really reflected on things. And looking back over the past year, with my business and being hard on not necessarily meeting goals I was hoping to – looking back, it was so closely correlated with my childcare situation and my mental health. And when I looked at it, it was like, “oh, this is obvious why it’s like this.” And that pushed me to be like, “you know what? I want to bring in an income, I am building a company. And I can’t do that with one hour little increments.” And it took years – my son is now four and we had this conversation in December – that I need dedicated office hours. 

And maybe we’re not willing to bring in daycare or other kinds of outside childcare options. But my husband can step up, just like I have for him and supported him. And I now have office hours twice a week where he is the one on duty, and he is handling the meals and whatever it is. And he comes from a more traditional family where the mom did everything. He doesn’t have much cooking skills. And I need to take a step back. And you know what? Done is better than perfect. If the kids are eating Kraft Dinner, I don’t care. You do what you need to do so I can do what I need to do. And we can be a team that way and support each other. 

Yeah, absolutely. And, you know, I think it’s so admirable that you talk so openly about these things so that you can role model this to your community, you can show all the other moms who join you, who listen to you, who follow along your journey, and they can say, “okay, well she didn’t ask for it right away. So I haven’t asked for it yet. But you know what, when she did ask for it, she made it work.” And it’s like, yeah, it’s very admirable. And I appreciate that you get to role model that for people who are looking up to you, who are following along your journey.

Yeah, thank you. I feel it’s really important to share this and normalize these things, especially in real time. And it makes it more approachable so people can see the why and the how so they can do things in a way that works for them. And right now, looking at near the end of February, so it’s been like not even eight weeks because this didn’t start until mid-January. And it’s been huge for me, and being able to shift my energy that I bring into work and with working on my goals. It really has been manifesting more things to me. And in terms of the money, you had your last money manifesting miniseries, and I wasn’t able to go all in as much as I had hoped. But I was still kind of working through it a little bit. And I have an affirmation, “I am open and receptive to all of the good and abundance already on its way to me.” 

Ooh, I love that.

Yeah. And so I’ve been really working with that, and kind of letting go of those black feelings around money. And doing so, a client paid extra money on top of a bill because it was late. And I’m getting some extra business support that was very unexpected. And like you said, when you step away from the do and focus on the manifesting, it really does come from all different kinds of avenues. 

Absolutely, yeah. I’ve manifested so many trips and vacations. And my number one value is freedom and adventure. And in 2019, I set out and I said, “this is the year I’m manifesting vacations,” and I got gifted four trips that year. 


Yeah, it was amazing. I got gifted a trip to Palm Springs, to Hawaii, to Colorado, and to Arizona. 

That’s incredible. Was it four different gifting things? 

Yep, from all different areas of my life. It was so bizarre. But I was like, I had it on my vision board. I focused on it. I talked about it all the time. I was just like, “yep, this is the year of vacation, wherever I can find a way to get on vacation, I’m going.” And it was just the most bizarre thing. I’ve never had a year like that again. But I had never focused on a year like that. So really, what we focus on expands. 

Yeah. So how can we get super clear on our vision and our goals, to be hyper-focused on it and manifesting it?

Yeah, the number one thing that I think is most important is clarity. And that really means not like, what would look good, not what does your partner want, or your parents, or your best friends, or society. Like what do you want, and the categories that I think are helpful for people are people, places, experiences, and then things. And things are like the leftover that doesn’t fall into the first three. So people could be like a partner, it could be a baby, it could be somebody to help around the house, a house cleaner, a personal assistant, a VA. Who are the people that you want to attract into your life? And then understanding why, why do you want that? And then truly, how will that make you feel? 

So you know, if you’re searching, you want your ideal life partner. Why? Because you want to do life with somebody. Okay, why? Because I want to feel loved. Okay, so love is the emotion. And then we go to places, maybe it’s like, where you want to work, or vacation, or live, or just see, or whatever it may be. Why? Getting clear on that for you. Maybe I really want to, you know, go to Australia and you really want to go somewhere snowy. It’s not that it’s right or wrong, just why is it for you? And experiences, maybe you want to sit at the Olympics, or talk on a TEDx stage, or whatever it is, getting clear on your why and then asking the feeling state. 

And then I would say your number one job every day is to choose some of those feeling states and to wake up and say, “how can I feel this today?” So person, if I want a person because I want to feel loved. And places, I want to go to Italy because it would make me feel like this heightened sense of adventure and curiosity. And the experience that I want to have is to write a best-selling book because that would make me feel super proud and confident. Okay, I’ve got some feeling states to work with. So every day I can ask myself, “did I do something today to feel love, to feel a sense of adventure, to feel a sense of pride and confidence?” That’s up to me, that’s not up to any outside experience, people, place, or thing. 

And when you get into those feeling states, that’s when you become a vibrational match. And then you might even realize, “you know what, I don’t even need the book or want the book. This other thing showed up and actually makes me feel a sense of confidence even more than if I wrote a best-selling book.” So it’s important on getting clear on what you really want, not what anybody else wants for you. Why you want it, what’s the feeling state, can you choose to get into that feeling state as often as possible? 

I love that. If you’re open to it, I’m wondering if you would like to share your story about manifesting your life partner in a way, because I think it’s really neat how the kind of different exercises you went through and getting into that feeling state and how it’s come to fruition. 

Yeah, yeah, this is one of my favourite manifestations actually, so thanks for asking. So I – for anybody who’s listening and I don’t know you yet, in the summer of 2020, so COVID had started in March, my ex and I weren’t working out. And he ended our relationship at the end of May, beginning of June, of 2020. And it was like, “yes, I was sad from that breakup. But that breakup was like – to me felt like a midlife crisis. I felt like, “okay, what is the pattern I’m repeating here,” I was so sad, maybe borderline feelings of depression, the summer of 2020. It wasn’t just about the breakup with him, something in me had the sense of feeling abandoned again. And it was like, “oh, okay, I’ve got to do the work.” So that was the beginning of my manifesting. 

I was like, nobody else can come into my sphere. What am I doing to heal this abandonment wound that I feel in relationships with men? What can I do to make sure that my level of trust is so high so that I don’t – because I had been cheated on in the past. And so I couldn’t lean into the higher vibrational states, I couldn’t lean into trust and gratitude and love because I was in fear and worry and comparison and jealousy. And I was like, how the hell do I get out of these and into here? 

So I worked with coaches, counselors, psychics, intuitive energy readers, astrologers, I was like, I want to know everything about me, about my shadows, about where I shine, and what holds me back. So I did all that work. And then I committed to my own practice. And my own practice for me – and I’m not saying that this will work for everyone. But I truly believe in a meditation practice, a journaling practice, and a visualization practice. So I was like, “Okay, get back to the basics, Nicole, and start to do what works for you.” 

So for me, the journaling helps my visualization in a meditation. So I started to get really clear on manifesting as a feeling state. So it’s not about what my partner looks like (however, I’m very attracted to the type of person that Jeff is, and all my friends were like, “you manifested the type of guy that you’ve always talked about” and I was like “I know, it’s amazing”). So I just started writing how I would feel when my person entered a room, because that’s the easiest sort of imagery for me, of like when somebody enters the room, I can tell “oh, good energy, yes, come in,” or like, “stay away from me.” 

So I imagined when he enters a room, how would I feel. And I just kept making up these scenarios and doing what I call scripting. So I write a date in the future. And so I kept going like a year in advance, pretty much I was writing June 2021. I’ve met my partner. This is how I feel like every time I’m around him, I feel like so loved and so cuddled, and a sense of adventure. And when he walks into a room, he’s got such a great friend group, and everybody’s really social with him. And that was super important to me. And I just kept coming back to how would I feel, how would I feel, how would I feel? And because, and here’s the reason why I say that, when the right person comes along from your script – people say to me, like, “well, did you talk about what he looked like? Like, how do you know when they walk in the door?” I’m like, “it’s a feeling.” 

So, you know, Mr. Dreamy could walk through the door. But if you’re not like “is it him?” Then it’s not him. Because you know, because you’ve already got there with your writing. So I would be like, “oh my God, this feels so good. Imagine when this is real life.” So I journaled and journaled and journaled. And for six weeks, I wrote every day how this ideal person would make me feel, then I would get into a visualization state. And for the visualization piece, I was like, “okay, I’m really attracted to like, taller men, bigger men, men with darker skin.” Like I knew what I was attracted to, so I could kind of make up somebody in my visualization. 

And then the end of September, end of October rolled around, so it’d been like six weeks straight. And I didn’t realize that I had a dating app still on my phone from a while ago where I actually never dated anybody. And I was getting ready to delete apps off my phone because I was in this project of dating myself and loving myself so much. So I was like, “I need to remove all distractions.” And then I was like, “oh, Hinge, didn’t realize I still have Hinge.” And I went on and had all these messages because it had just been sitting there and I didn’t have notifications. 

And the one message that I saw – so a little bit of backstory was I have my dog, Bella. And so I had Bella, I moved to Australia. My parents took her for me. She’s almost 11. So they kept her for three years. I got back to BC, really wanted Bella back. My parents were like, “we don’t think so, she’s too old. We don’t want to fly across the country.” Then in this breakup, every single time my parents would FaceTime me the summer of June 2020. They’re like, “oh, you’re so sad, like, what can we do for you?” And then one day, my dad called in August, and he said, “do you need Bella?” And I was like “yeah, I need Bella.” So they flew Bella out to me. 

So Jeff signed up and got a dog, and he was waiting for the dog to be ready to be released from the litter. So his intention on Hinge was to only match women with dogs. So I had my profile, my brand new picture with me and Bella in it. And he wrote me and said, “hey, cute dog.” And I was like, “oh, he kind of like, looks exactly like what I’ve been seeing in my mind’s eye.” And he asked me right away, “can I just call you? I’d rather talk on the phone.” And as soon as we talked, we talked for two hours, everything he talked about was like, you know, how he’s all his friends best met, the uncle to their kids, and just like social good, good vibes energy. 

And I was like, “this is it.” And then when I met him in real life, when he walked into the room, I was like, “this is what I’ve been writing about forever.” And I had written that I’m going to meet this guy in the fall of 2020. And we’re gonna hit it off right away. It felt crazy to me, because I didn’t know how anything was gonna unfold. And I was like we’ll get engaged by the spring, we’re going to get married right away, and we’re going to travel. And five months in, we got engaged. I had never shared that with him. So he didn’t like go along with my manifesting, it just happened. And so we got engaged. Obviously, we’re so in love. We’re getting married in August, we’re spending the whole month of September in Europe. 

And it just feels right. And I know that it comes from a place of I knew how I wanted to feel, not how I wanted it to look, not what society thought my relationship should look like, or my life should look like. I knew how I wanted to feel. And I was so dead set on that feeling state that when he walked through the door and matched that, I was like, “there’s nothing else.” 

Yeah, I love it. I got goosebumps. 

It’s such a good story. I’m like, whoa, whoa, he’s here. 

It really is. And it’s just so incredible how it’s all worked out. And then it also really shows how doing the work pays off, doing the shadow work, working on your shit, overcoming those limited beliefs, trust issues, whatever it might be. And then really digging into that feeling state, and again, doing the work for six-plus weeks, whatever it was, and then being open when it does happen. 

Yeah, absolutely. And I like to say this in like, not a harsh way. But we are the common denominator to recurring things in our lives. So if I kept dating men that kept cheating on me. I could say like, “oh, I keep attracting these shitty men.” And it’s like I was, but what’s my magnet drawing in? We’re all magnets. So like, what is it about me that I keep attracting men that I can’t trust that aren’t good men. So that’s my problem. 

Mm hmm. 

So you know, they will continue to date people. And however it will work out for them is how it will work out. But for me, it was like, I’ve got to shift something in me and own up to I don’t trust men. I don’t feel good around them. I get jealous easily. These are all past versions of me. And so okay, do I want to continue on like that and repeat the cycle until I’m dead? No, I’ve got to do the work. 

Yes. I love it. 


So we are coming up to time. But I’m wondering if you could expand a little bit on kind of those recommended regular practices you had touched on, with the meditation and the journaling and visualizations. What does that kind of look like, and how someone who’s interested in starting to implement it could go about it?

Yeah, great question. So I like to remind everybody who’s listening that we all learn differently. And so I want you to explore and see which one feels good and which one doesn’t. Maybe they all do, and one of them well, I won’t say none of them, but one of them will stick. 

So some different ways that you can begin your manifesting journey is by journaling, just a straight up journal of – I like to do two parts. So I spend a whole page just getting into gratitude. There’s 23 emotional states on the emotional scale, gratitude, appreciation and love are all intertwined. So when you can get into a feeling state of what you’re grateful for, for what you already have, from there you’re vibrating higher. And then start to write down what it is you’d like to manifest in your life. You’re coming at it from a different energy than like, “I’m tired, the alarm just went off, what do I want, I want sleep?” Well, you probably want more than sleep, and you deserve more than sleep. So let’s get into a good feeling place, and then write it out. 

Once you’re familiar with writing, then there’s a manifesting strategy called scripting. And this is where you pick a future date. I like to tell people not to go too far into the future, maybe six months, 12 months max, and you write the date down. And you’re writing everything as if it’s future present, first person tense. So not like “I will be” or “I hope to,” but “I am. It’s June 21. I have just wrapped up our retreat, I feel so good. I’m getting married in eight weeks, I feel the best of my body that I could ever have felt, I can’t believe all of the magic that has happened.” You’re writing it as if it’s already happened. 

And then you’re getting clear on “well, what do I want to happen?” And with scripting, I would encourage doing the same script, not word for word, but kind of like the same date and same things that you want to call in a few times. Get into the process of maybe once a week, you’re picking June 20 and writing the journal entry, and it’s going to shift every time you’re gonna be like, “oh, maybe I actually don’t really want to cut my hair in June-” I’m just making this shit up. But you know what I mean? So you get clear on that. So journaling and scripting is one way. 

Then there is visualization. So there’s visualization inside our mind’s eye, like our third eye where you close your eyes and try and picture a scenario, like people, place, where you’re at, the five senses, what would you see, smell, taste, hear, touch, feel. So you could do that that way. That is challenging for some people without a starting point. So I would say creating your script, reading your script, then it’s like you make a little movie, as if like you’re reading a book, and you can see the characters. “Okay, well, what would that look like” and then close your eyes, 

Then the next part to visualization could be to take your visualization and put it in front of you. So that’s where a vision board comes in. So it’s like you can kind of see the house on the water, and then whatever you’re doing with your kids. Okay, now can you put that on a vision board, so that what is inside your mind’s eye, your external eyeballs, your sense of sight, can see it outwardly, can see what it looks like. So you can look at the vision board, and then close your eyes and go into a visualization. 

Another strategy is called the 369 method. I think you were doing this with us Jannine. 

Yeah, I did it. 

Yeah, back in August. And we’re doing it again actually in April for anybody who wants to join us. So the 369 method is where you write one sentence, “I am grateful for” as if it’s already happened. So “I am so grateful that our honeymoon has been so smooth.” I would write that three times in the morning, three sentences, “I’m so grateful that our honeymoon has been so smooth.” It hasn’t happened yet. But I’m pretending that is. Then six times at lunch, then nine times in the evening. So you’re writing it 18 times a day, roughly 30 days, like how many days are in the month. And then after you’ve written your 18 sentences a day, Abraham Hicks, a great teacher of manifestation, would say 17 seconds is as long as we need to hold an image to match the vibrational energy of it. So if I was to read my 18 sentences, and close my eyes for 17 seconds and just visualize what a smooth vacation, a smooth honeymoon feels like, then now I’m matching that energy. So that’s another methodology. Yeah, so I think meditation, closing your eyes, visualization, vision board, scripting, 369. Those are all some great places to start. 

Yeah, that’s lots of great tips and things that people can explore. So if people want to learn more from you, see what you’re all about. You did touch on the different laws, and you have an amazing podcast series all on it, which I really appreciate it as someone who has been a little bit resistant to like more woowoo things, I really like how you bring the science into it, and it really clicks for me, so I definitely recommend people check that out. But where can people find you? What do you have going on? You have something starting on March 3, let’s hear about it. 

Yeah okay. So is our website, and from there there’s freebies, there’s resources, there’s our podcast, lots of great stuff on there if people just head to the website, lots of free content to explore us. And then when I say us it’s because it’s Kaila and I.

And on March 3, we have our manifesting money masterclass. So this is our fifth time running this money course, we’ve taken well over 500 women through this program, it’s absolutely life changing. So people can sign up to that when you sign up to manifesting money masterclass, which we’ll do through the whole month of March. You have lifetime access to the material, and you get to join our community. So we’ve got the collective, which is our online membership, and we’ve got about 120 Women in there. So you would get to come into that community. And if manifesting money is on top of mind for you right now, but you just really dig personal growth, personal development, community connection with other like-minded ambitious women, you can join our collective. And then you have access to the money course if you want to do it on your own time. 

And then at the end of March, we’re going to be doing a five-day meditation series. So learn how to come meditate with me like really beginner style. I have lots of people ask me like, “I don’t even know if I’m doing this right.” So we’re going to be doing that inside of our community as well. 

So yeah, follow us on Instagram @MyAlignedPurpose, Facebook, our website, follow the podcast, and reach out if anybody has any questions or you want to share some manifesting stories – I’d love to hear. 

I love that. Lots of things. So just go check her out, and whatever feels aligned for you, run with it. So thank you so much for being here and sharing all of your manifesting wisdom. 

Thanks, Jannine, thanks so much. 

Thanks. And thank you for everyone who’s listening, you can head over to the Facebook group and group chat and we can dig into things a little bit further. Till next time, take care and goodbye!

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