Parenting is a huge task to take on, and a lot of us rely heavily on our male partners to take it on with us. As moms, our brains are chock-full of so much, and it can be difficult to understand why our male spouses are reacting negatively to us, or seem closed off. Today we’re here with men’s coach Nick Matiash from The Evolved Man, who’s here to shed some light on the male perspective and how we can better understand the men in our life!

As we all know, there are a lot of standards for women in society. Whether that’s beauty, parenting, or diet, we’re expected to act a very specific way. What we don’t always think about is that there’s another standard, one that affects men. We’ve all heard the phrase “boys don’t cry-” except here’s the thing, they do, and they should be allowed to. We all want what’s best for our partners, but they can often seem to shut down or not respond to what we say, largely because of this huge societal standard. That’s why Nick is here to chat with us, and why we brought you this episode!

This week we’re diving into helping our partners through mental health issues, working on self-improvement and growth, and even how we can be proactive parents to our boys so that they feel comfortable sharing their emotions. This was an episode unlike any we’ve ever done, and we’re sure you’re going to love the conversation!

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Guest Expert

Nick is a husband, father, author, and men's coach committed to helping men understand, process, and deepen their connection to their inner world and emotional selves. Through The Evolved Man, he’s here to share a male perspective on emotion, relationships, and what many guys struggle with, to help the women listening to better understand their male partners. 

In This Episode We Talk About

00:35 - Who is Nick?
06:06 - The male narrative and changing traditional male roles.
13:38 - How to communicate with your partner in the early years of parenting.
22:57 - Helping your partner through mental health issues.
33:16 - Dealing with pushback on self-improvement and personal growth.
41:25 - Being proactive in raising our sons.
52:15 - Final thoughts and resources.
54:25 - Where to find Nick!

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