Micro-Dosing Mushrooms


When we think of magic mushrooms, many of us think of wild hallucinating hippy experiences and not all the amazing benefits they have. This week we’re diving into the advantages and experiences of […]

Micro-Dosing Mushrooms2022-10-06T21:14:05-08:00

Anxiety 101


When it comes to living our daily lives, it’s really easy to feel anxiety; living through a global pandemic will do that to a person, especially with the extra load parents have taken […]

Anxiety 1012022-10-06T21:14:05-08:00

How to Manifest Your Desires


Manifestation can be something that we write off as being fake or just good luck, but the practices around it have a lot of scientific backing. Today we’re here with Nicole McL

How to Manifest Your Desires2022-10-06T21:54:51-08:00
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