Nobody ever enjoyed receiving The Talk from our parents - for most of us it was an awkward sit down, with our parents or sex ed teach going on about the birds and the bees. But what if we could have the same very important conversation with our kids in a much different way?

While we may not like it, talking to our kids about sex is something that we definitely need to do, no matter how awkward we may find it. Eliminating the shame around sex and talking about it is the first step to making sure our kids have will grow up to have healthy and happy sexual experiences, so today we’re talking with Ariel Saint White from My Little Yoni about how to talk to our kids about sex, without turning it into The Talk.

It’s no secret that in most schools sex ed is pretty severly lacking - if talked about at all. It’s been proven that promoting abstinence as the only way to have safe sex doesn’t work, which is why making sex education part of the things we teach our kids is so important. In this episode we’re looking at how to work these oftentimes scary conversations for us parents (masterbation, how babies are made, etc.) into our daily teachings of our kids. It may seem scary now but Ariel brings fantastic approach to talking to our kids about sex and everything to do with their bodies, so we can’t wait for you to give this episode a listen!

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Guest Expert

Artist and entrepreneur, Ariel Saint White, has reached audiences from more than 30 countries with her unique ideas. Founder of the sexual wellness company, My Little Yoni, (the world’s first vulva superhero!) Ariel partners with top OBGYNs to break down taboos and give parents & kids quality, body-positive education. Her 10 book sex ed series has been featured in Entrepreneur and is lauded by parents as a solution to making ’the talk’ easier and more approachable.

Whether set on the stage, a wall, the screen, or the page, Ariel’s art focuses on the themes of eros, female sovereignty, and connecting with nature in the technological age.​ Her collaborative work, edifying real love stories, has been featured on the Oprah Winfrey Network and commissioned by entrepreneurs and celebrities. Ariel lives with her husband and stepson in Topanga Canyon, freediving & writing songs in her spare time.

In This Episode We Talk About

01:14 - Who is Ariel?
07:22 - How did sex education turn into what it is?
13:06 - Why should we continue sex education at home?
19:36 - The basics of sex education.
33:16 - Tips on how to talk to our kids about sex.
42:12 - Where to find Ariel and other sex ed resources.
44:10 - Final thoughts.

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