It’s pretty safe to say that we all want our kids to grow up in a loving and nurturing environment, and that they are able to do anything they want when they grow up. But how do gender stereotypes affect our children? Do gender biases mean we treat boys and girls differently, or push them towards a certain kind of future? Don’t worry, we’re here with Catherine Bailey, founder of Think or Blue and feminist parenting expert, to find the answer to all these questions.

In this episode we’re really looking into what gender biases are, how to prevent them, and also looking at the lasting impacts they can have on our kids. When it comes to everyday life we’re aware of gender biases - who hasn’t been impacted by the wage gap or trying to work out proper maternity leave? They play a huge part in most of our experiences, and especially in our own upbringings. But what about our kids?

While we’re going to do everything to tell our kids to shoot for the moon, a lot of us don’t think about how our household life impacts our kids. If your kids see mom carrying the brunt of the mental load, that’s going to become their normal for their adult life. Looking at how gender impacts our kids is so important for reasons like this, and we can’t wait to explore gender bias with you in this episode!

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Guest Expert

Catherine Bailey is the founder of Think or Blue, a community of parents, teachers, and family who believe that children thrive best in a world free from gender stereotypes. She coaches caregivers to use feminist parenting strategies to tackle tough topics like body image, consent, gender roles, and media literacy, to raise children who are free to be themselves and ready to change the world! Catherine is a former lawyer, mom to a cool 6 year-old, gender equity expert, and chocolate lover living in Connecticut.

In This Episode We Talk About

00:50 - Who is Catherine?
04:01 - The impact gender stereotypes can have on our kids.
09:26 - Incorporating feminist values into our parenting.
15:42 - Body image and how gender stereotypes affect it.
24:49 - Unlearning gender roles as adults.
33:49 - Sharing the mental load and how to balance it.
43:33 - Talking to our kids about gender roles and gender stereotyping.
49:51 - Where to find Catherine and final thoughts!

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