We all want our kids to grow up and be happy, healthy, and financially stable. Teaching money values at a young age can help our kids to learn how money works, how to save, and how to invest. This week we’re talking to Maya Corbic from Teach Kids Money, and learning how to help our kids become financially literate and responsible!

It can seem like a huge task to teach our kids about financial responsibility; for many of us, it feels like we’re still teaching ourselves! Lucky for us, Maya has so much knowledge about finances and how to teach our kids about them. Maya is a CPA with a passion for teaching children about money, so she’s the perfect guest to tackle this topic!

This week, we’re learning about our money values and what they mean for teaching our kids, what our kid’s money personalities are, and how we can set ourselves and our kids up for a financially free future. We’re really into financial literacy in the UM Club, and this episode is a great way to bring your kids into the conversation. 

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Guest Expert

Maya is a mom and a wife. She is a CPA who for the past 10 years has been helping parents teach their children how to be money smart. Her vision is to educate every child to become a financially independent adult.

In This Episode We Talk About

00:55 - Who is Maya?
04:15 - Finding out our money mindset.
09:20 - Learning your child’s money personality.
18:24 - Using chores to teach money values.
23:58 - Allowance and how to use it as a teaching tool.
37:23 - Resources and final thoughts.
38:36 - Where to find Mya!

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